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Medal winners 2016

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Medal rules
Because of draws (ties), we could have multiple players tied for medals at the end of the day.
Medals go to the 1st player, 2nd player, and 3rd player (and ties with the 3rd player).
Please note: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd PLAYERS, not "score groups".

This list is of the medals that SHOULD have been awarded.
With about 100 volunteer scorekeepers, no doubt mistakes were made.
If you got a medal that is shinier than it should be, by all means keep it.
Complete awards rules

Scroll way down to the bottom for secondary school medalists.


       **  Grade 1 (playing with the grade 2s, but separate medals)

       * Section 1 & 2A
        Gold        Roxana Ayala Gonzales           Queen Victoria
        Silver      Luke Druillard                  Queen Victoria

       **  Grade 2   (playing with the grade 1s, but separate medals)

       * Section 1 & 2A
        Gold        Divjot Locham                  Talbot Trail
        Silver      Quinn Marentette               Kingsville
        Bronze      Kayleb Krohn                   Lakeshore Discovery

       **  Grade 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 3A
        Gold        Warren Yim                     First Lutheran
        Silver      Wen Shi Lariviere              Saint-Edmond
        Bronze      Daniel Quattrociocchi          Sandwich West

       * Section 3B
        Gold        Aram Abadjian                  First Lutheran
        Silver      Mateo Vasquez                  Lakeshore Discovery
        Bronze      Nicholas Chang                 Talbot Trail

       * Section 3C
        Gold        Jacob Marcelloni               First Lutheran
        Gold        Matthew Farrand                St Gabriel
        Bronze      Ryan Cullen                    Sandwich West

       * Section 3D
        Gold        Chase Spidalieri               Holy Name
        Gold        Noah Kriemadis                 St Gabriel
        Bronze      Alexander Gin                  Sandwich West

       **  Grade 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 4A
        Gold        Faaris Kaber                   Talbot Trail
        Silver      Sienna Pepper                  Tecumseh Vista
        Bronze      Colin Harvey                   St Anne

       * Section 4B
        Gold        Savio Benher                   Our Lady of Mount Carmel
        Silver      Connor Sheey                   King Edward
        Bronze      Alessia O'Brian                St Anne
        Bronze      Karim Siblani                  Tecumseh Vista

       * Section 4C
        Gold        Preston Green                  Sandwich West
        Silver      Keeghan Bazinet                Coronation
        Bronze      Sean Sampang                   St Anne

       * Section 4D
        Gold        Justin Yim                     First Lutheran
        Silver      Ezra Jahn                      Malden
        Bronze      Jesse Meng                     Sandwich West

       * Section 4E
        Gold        Jonah Maadi                    St John Vianney
        Silver      Nathan Mastronardi             Tecumseh Vista
        Bronze      Nicholas Lariviere             Saint-Edmond

       * Section 4F
        Gold        Brett Cook                     Talbot Trail
        Gold        Jacky Tang                     McWilliam
        Gold        Maksim Miloyevich              Tecumseh Vista

       * Section 4G
        Gold        Rhys Sharman                   Malden
        Silver      Jack Holland                   Sacred Heart
        Silver      Leo Xu                         Sandwich West

       **  Grade 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 5A
        Gold        James Jeun                     St Rose
        Silver      David Ferro                    St John Vianney
        Silver      Drennan Vince                  Saint-Michel
        Silver      Jordan Saad                    St William
        Silver      Massimo Parete                 Malden

       * Section 5B
        Gold        Luka Zupanic                   St John Vianney
        Silver      Julia Sportelli                Eastwood
        Bronze      Dayne Groulx                   Coronation
        Bronze      Kaiden Newman                  St Christopher
        Bronze      Sal Olivito                    Ste Cecile

       * Section 5C
        Gold        Alex Ouellette                 St Christopher
        Silver      Arjun Kapoor                   Ste Cecile
        Silver      Liam Krohn                     Lakeshore Discovery
        Silver      Nathan Tran                    Our Lady of Mount Carmel

       * Section 5D
        Gold        Andreas Boscariol              First Lutheran
        Silver      Jezzel Farkas                  St Anne
        Bronze      Daniyal Zaid                   Talbot Trail

       * Section 5E
        Gold        Rishi Damarla                  Ste Cecile
        Silver      Johua Taylor                   St Christopher
        Bronze      Eric Gin                       Sandwich West

       * Section 5F
        Gold        Michael Hicks                  St John de Brebeuf
        Silver      Ethan Root                     St John Vianney
        Silver      Matias Williams                King Edward

       * Section 5G
        Gold        Callum Yoker                   Tecumseh Vista
        Silver      Tyler Lawhead                  Eastwood
        Bronze      Alex Soave                     St John Vianney

       * Section 5H
        Gold        Cameron Eccles                 St Rose
        Silver      Colin Hebert                   Malden
        Bronze      Josh Trameger                  St John Vianney

       **  Grade 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 6A
        Gold        Alexander Miloyevich           Tecumseh Vista
        Silver      Aidan Moscatello               St Gabriel
        Bronze      Christian Layson               St Rose
        Bronze      Moira Periappuram              St Anne
        Bronze      Tristan Renaud                 Our Lady of Mount Carmel

       * Section 6B
        Gold        Dane Hostrawser                St John Vianney
        Silver      Daniel Xie                     Roseland
        Bronze      Ryan Yim                       First Lutheran

       * Section 6C
        Gold        Nathaniel Butler               Sandwich West
        Silver      Brendan Argoselo               Malden
        Silver      James Bahadori                 St John Vianney
        Silver      Sumant Dinesh                  Ste Cecile

       * Section 6D
        Gold        Cole Cyrenne                   Beaton
        Gold        Joseph Ishaq                   St John Vianney
        Gold        Pratham Gupta                  Ste Cecile

       * Section 6E
        Gold        Zachary Ionidis                Sandwich West
        Silver      Nicholas Mucaki                St Christopher
        Bronze      Andrew Miletic                 St John Vianney

       * Section 6F
        Gold        Jack Li                        Ste Cecile
        Silver      Chris Renard                   St John Vianney
        Silver      Michael Reed                   Sandwich West

       * Section 6G
        Gold        David Flores                   St Rose
        Gold        Osa Asemota                    First Lutheran
        Bronze      Ibrahim Haidar                 Roseland

       * Section 6H
        Gold        David Makarczyk                Notre Dame
        Silver      Justin Cho                     First Lutheran
        Silver      Kolbie Isherwood               St Rose
        Silver      Matthew Llamas                 Tecumseh Vista

       **  Grade 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 7A
        Gold        Kamil Stokowski                St Anne
        Silver      Aneesha Ekanayake              Talbot Trail
        Bronze      Abdullah Zafar                 Begley
        Bronze      Athan Gagnier                  Sandwich West

       * Section 7B
        Gold        Shivan Gaur                    Talbot Trail
        Silver      Shaun Horne                    St Christopher
        Silver      Webster Kuo                    Sandwich West

       * Section 7C
        Gold        Donia Albaaj                   Coronation
        Silver      Rahaf Kaber                    Talbot Trail
        Bronze      Adam McAvoy                    St John Vianney

       * Section 7D
        Gold        Ray Hamlin                     Corpus Christi
        Gold        Shahmeer Zaid                  Talbot Trail
        Bronze      Julian Rochacz                 Sacred Heart

       * Section 7E
        Gold        Henry Zhang                    E.J. Lajeunesse
        Silver      Yizhou Zhang                   Sandwich West
        Bronze      Natalia Gadzovski              Coronation

       * Section 7F
        Gold        Yang Li                        Eastwood
        Silver      Emily Demario                  St Anne
        Bronze      Alden Tran                     Our Lady of Mount Carmel
        Bronze      Gavin Pawluk                   L A Desmarais
        Bronze     Sagal Rirash                   Coronation

       * Section 7G
        Gold        Sat Arora                      Talbot Trail
        Silver      Kiara Roncone                  St Anne
        Bronze      Miraj Ismail                   Northwood

       * Section 7H
        Gold        Kevin Cui                      Talbot Trail
        Silver      Komal Sanghera                 Eastwood
        Silver      Matthew Taylor                 Corpus Christi

       **  Grade 8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 8A
        Gold        Ervin Ciellza                  St Christopher
        Silver      Jaxon Boucher                  Corpus Christi
        Bronze      Anish Aggarwal                 Ste Cecile

       * Section 8B
        Gold        Sameer Shergill                Sandwich West
        Gold        Sahan Weeratunga               Talbot Trail
        Bronze      Michael Thachuck               Holy Name

       * Section 8C
        Gold        Namitha John                   Our Lady of Mount Carmel
        Silver      Matthew Prior                  St Christopher
        Bronze      David Tebbens                  Sandwich West

       * Section 8D
        Gold        Bobby Van                      Sandwich West
        Silver      Ben Farkas                     St John Vianney
        Silver      Connor Seguin                  St Christopher
        Silver      Luke Kuzmas                    First Lutheran
        Silver      Marco Desantis                 St Gabriel

       * Section 8E
        Gold        Ellen Tao                      St Gabriel
        Silver      Matteo Palumbo                 Malden
        Silver      Rogers Kubaj                   Begley
        Silver      Ryan Harvey                    St Anne

       * Section 8F
        Gold        Adam Pizzo                     Corpus Christi
        Silver      Andrew Seguin                  St John Vianney
        Silver      Jake Periappuram               St Anne

       * Section 8G
        Gold        Matthew Wismer                 Malden
        Silver      Jacob Archer                   Corpus Christi
        Silver      Jacob Price                    Corpus Christi

       * Section 8H
        Gold        Kevin Vu                       St Anne
        Silver      Ali Albaaj                     Coronation
        Bronze      Will Cockram                   St James

Wednesday ** Grade 1 (playing with the grade 2s, but separate medals) * Section 1A Gold Aiden Taylor David Suzuki Silver Victoria Zhu Bellewood Bronze Veeraraghav Gudimella Glenwood Bronze Cameron Palanacki Maranatha * Section 1B Gold Jun Walker David Suzuki Silver Jacques Curtis Ste Therese Bronze Nathan Ryan Maranatha Bronze Alex Schneider McCallum * Section 1C Gold Alex Joseph David Suzuki Silver David Wang Bellewood Bronze Konrad Jagielski Ste Therese ** Grade 2 (playing with the grade 1s, but separate medals) * Section 2A Gold Sam Ripley Home Schooled Silver Harry Wei Bellewood Bronze Matt Dawson David Suzuki Bronze Ethan Barnewall Gore Hill Bronze Kennedy Maytham Monseigneur-Jean-Noel * Section 2B Gold Dane Coughlin St Anthony Silver Eyas Abuhamda Dougall Avenue Bronze Bridget Leung Bellewood Bronze Dylan Marchand Gore Hill * Section 2C Gold Daniel Yuan Bellewood Silver Roger Luo Dougall Avenue Silver Vincent Abalajon St Joseph ** Grade 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 3A Gold Noah Ripley Home schooled Silver Kaitlyn Tao Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Silver Tesko Chaganti West Gate * Section 3B Gold Praagney Sharma Southwood Silver Samantha Jean Dougall Avenue Bronze Nash Mills David Suzuki Bronze Damilare Osuntola Giles Campus Bronze Andrew Duck Maranatha * Section 3C Gold Elvin Shen Dougall Avenue Silver Eric Duong Dougall Avenue Bronze Madison Zhou Bellewood ** Grade 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 4A Gold Kevin Yuan Bellewood Silver Karol Jasniewicz Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Giano Talelli Southwood * Section 4B Gold Alan Bui A21 Academy Silver Noah Wilson Giles Campus Bronze Jacob Yau Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Graeme McCubbin Saint-Ambroise * Section 4C Gold Jacob Gaisinsky A21 Academy Silver Jim Han Bellewood Bronze Hansen Zhang Dougall Avenue * Section 4D Gold Wendy Zhang Bellewood Silver Giuliano Palanca Ste Marguerite D'Youville Bronze Robert Miller St Pius X * Section 4E Gold Max Zhu Bellewood Silver Bansari Patel Glenwood Silver Alex Persichilli St Pius X * Section 4F Gold Mason Chensse Giles Campus Silver Ashton Sim St Anthony Bronze Ilija Todorovic D M Eagle * Section 4G Gold JunYi Fan Bellewood Silver Andy Raoux Southwood Bronze Marko Disic D M Eagle ** Grade 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 5A Gold Nicholas Del Monte Southwood Silver Paula Popescu Ste Marguerite D'Youville Bronze Travis Loughead Bellewood Bronze Jack Nikita Gosfield North * Section 5B Gold Elliott Mao Giles Campus Silver Evan Lu Bellewood Bronze Ben Look-Kan Southwood * Section 5C Gold Jacob Dam Dougall Avenue Silver Yash Uppot Southwood Bronze Silas Goertzen Centennial * Section 5D Gold Michael Schifanelli Mgr Augustin Caron Silver Jonathan Vaupotic Ste Therese Bronze Terry Wang Southwood * Section 5E Gold Rami Zaidan Giles Campus Silver Giancarlo Rauti LaSalle Bronze Andrew Tang Dougall Avenue Bronze Ivan Zagorsky Marlborough Bronze Arianne Andary Ste Marguerite D'Youville * Section 5F Gold Albert Douglas Glenwood Silver Omar Monajid Al-Hijra Bronze Mathieu Renaud Ste Marguerite D'Youville * Section 5G Gold Joseph Trachy Ste Marguerite D'Youville Silver Luka Ignatovski D M Eagle Bronze Hunter Lanoue-Stacey Gosfield North Bronze Lucas Charbonneau Saint-Antoine Bronze Ahmad Asim Southwood Bronze Connor Bacarro Ste Marguerite D'Youville ** Grade 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 6A Gold Cullen Roy Bellewood Silver Julianna Braga *Home ed Bronze Caleb Owen Giles Campus Bronze Mason Bolce Saint-Jean-Baptiste * Section 6B Gold Kun Xing Bellewood Silver Kevin Flanagan Christ the King Bronze Ben Pavlakovich Saint-Ambroise * Section 6C Gold Nathan Gignac Christ the King Silver Maddex Prince St John the Baptist Bronze Tayshaun Jackson Dougall Avenue Bronze Melissa Zaidan Giles Campus * Section 6D Gold Shannon Cai Dougall Avenue Silver Anthony Iacono Christ the King Silver Niko Ursu Mgr Augustin Caron * Section 6E Gold Zach Thomas Ste Marguerite D'Youville Silver Machot Moses Marlborough Bronze Nathaniel Littkeman Christ the King Bronze Quinn Carey David Suzuki * Section 6F Gold Rino Marcuzzi Christ the King Silver Seth Edmonds Bayliss David Suzuki Silver Mowahid Khan Southwood * Section 6G Gold Sawyer Snauwaert St Joseph Silver Jayden Bonnett D M Eagle Silver Rishi Naidu Southwood * Section 6H Gold Ayoub Tayebi Al-Hijra Gold Matthew Tran Southwood Bronze Curtis Groombridge LaSalle * Section 6I Gold Jathushan Krishnamohan David Suzuki Silver Max Chensse Giles Campus Bronze Cameron Carvalho St Anthony * Section 6J Gold Corey Way Stella Maris Silver Rose Forshaw Saint-Ambroise Bronze Mohammad Odeh LaSalle Bronze Gianluca Cafueri St Peter ** Grade 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 7A Gold Rohan Talukdar Central Bronze Aiden Wright Centennial Bronze Tyler Rino Queen of Peace Bronze Owen Schipper Saint-Jean-Baptiste Bronze Gavin Fehr St Joseph * Section 7B Gold Drini Husi McCallum Silver Christian Avolio Christ the King Silver Joshua Saad Queen of Peace * Section 7C Gold Joshua Bastien Holy Cross Gold Aaron Masse Maranatha Bronze Vincent Doan Christ the King Bronze Matthew Yarrevich Holy Cross * Section 7D Gold Brayden Boulanger LaSalle Gold Devon Beneteau Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Bilal Ahmed Bellewood * Section 7E Gold Dylan Tan Bellewood Silver Wade Masse Dougall Avenue Bronze Rory McManus Ste Marguerite D'Youville * Section 7F Gold Adam Gaisinsky A21 Academy Silver Nida Almas Southwood Bronze Lucas Caro Holy Cross Bronze Troy Tiessen Mount Carmel-Blytheswood Bronze Matteo Corlett Queen of Peace * Section 7G Gold Kevin Zhang Glenwood Silver Eric Lutz Christ the King Silver Louis Vaupotic Ste Therese ** Grade 8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 8A Gold Adam Jasniewicz Mgr Augustin Caron Silver Aeneas Shinas Marlborough Bronze Isaac Nitschke Sainte-Ursule * Section 8B Gold Zhehai Zhang Bellewood Silver Eric Li LaSalle Bronze Ahmed Anwer West Gate * Section 8C Gold Lily Zhou Bellewood Silver Rayyan Khan Central Bronze Jacob Chippett Gosfield North Bronze Cameron Chevalier Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Tim Igbokwe Southwood * Section 8D Gold Rhys Kapusniak Southwood Silver Hadia Malik Al-Hijra Silver Tommy Pheng Hetherington Silver Sydney Mason St John the Baptist Silver Lucas Sarweh St Pius X * Section 8E Gold Alex Lin Southwood Silver Brandon Mallen Ste Marguerite D'Youville Bronze Matthew Kwong Central Bronze Matthew Ferraro Holy Cross Bronze Saad Tabbara LaSalle Bronze Ethan Dubeau Monseigneur-Jean-Noel * Section 8F Gold Lewis Yau Mgr Augustin Caron Silver Vivian Tang Central Silver Thomas Devries LaSalle Silver Mohammed El Amsy West Gate * Section 8G Gold Joshua Matthews Bellewood Silver Andrew Neposlan Maranatha Silver Ian Trepanier St John the Baptist ** Grade 9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gold Leo Ng Kennedy Gold Jeffrey Zhu Massey Gold Rahma Gillan Massey ** Grade 10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gold Tyler D'Amore Massey Silver Stefano Lee Massey Bronze Karthik Baskaran Massey ** Grade 11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gold Rachel Tao Massey Silver Robert Lupoiu Riverside Silver Jeremy Mathews Massey ** Grade 12 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nobody. Not a soul. Probably all on Facebook. If they would rather emulate Justin Beiber than me there is no hope for them.

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