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Medal winners 2014

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Medal rules
Because of draws (ties), we could have multiple players tied for medals at the end of the day.
Medals go to the 1st player, 2nd player, and 3rd player (and ties with the 3rd player).
Please note: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd PLAYERS, not "score groups".

This list is of the medals that SHOULD have been awarded.
With over 80 volunteer scorekeepers, no doubt mistakes were made.
If you got a medal that is shinier than it should be, by all means keep it.
Complete awards rules


       **  Grade 1 (playing with the grade 2s, but separate medals)

       * Section 1A
        Gold          Yousef Al-Safadi               Queen Victoria
        Silver        Kaitlyn Tao                    Monseigneur-Jean-Noel
        Bronze        Yasmine Kadri                  Bellewood

       **  Grade 2   (playing with the grade 1s, but separate medals)

       * Section 2A
        Gold          Max Zhu                        Bellewood
        Silver        Tristan Nguyen                 Bellewood
        Silver        Wendy Zhang                    Bellewood

       **  Grade 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 3A
        Gold          Albert Douglas                 Glenwood
        Gold          Chris Cotey                    H J Lassaline
        Bronze        Joshua Greenaway               Amherstburg
        Bronze        Jazzel Farkas                  St Anne

       * Section 3B
        Gold          Muhib Amin                     Benson
        Silver        Mariam Abdulahad               H J Lassaline
        Bronze        Zachary Maure                  Saint-Ambroise
        Bronze        Joshua Taylor                  St Christopher

       * Section 3C
        Gold          Aleksander Acovski             H J Lassaline
        Silver        Connor Bacarro                 Ste Marguerite D'Youville
        Bronze        Youseff Shahid                 Brock
        Bronze        Jonathan McIntyre              H J Lassaline
        Bronze        David Ferro                    St John Vianney

       **  Grade 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 4A
        Gold          Beckham Blair                  LaSalle
        Silver        Kevin Wang                     Bellewood
        Bronze        Austin Garrett                 David Suzuki
        Bronze        Josh Derksen                   Gosfield North

       * Section 4B
        Gold          Matthew Tran                   Southwood
        Silver        Kun Xing                       Bellewood
        Bronze        Anthony Cristofanilli          St John Vianney
        Bronze        Nicholas Nardone               Ste Marguerite D'Youville

       * Section 4C
        Gold          Jathushan Krishnamohan         David Suzuki
        Silver        Zack Thomas                    Ste Marguerite D'Youville
        Bronze        Ahmed Hijres                   A V Graham
        Bronze        Evan Graziano                  LaSalle
        Bronze        Benjamin Macintyre             St Joseph

       * Section 4D
        Gold          Dane Hostrawer                 St John Vianney
        Silver        Cullen Connell Roy             Bellewood
        Bronze        Sawyer Snauwaert               St Joseph

       * Section 4E
        Gold          David Makarczyk                Notre Dame
        Silver        Cole Cyrenne                   Beaton
        Silver        Rose Forshaw                   Saint-Ambroise
        Silver        Spencer Logan                  St John Vianney

       * Section 4F
        Gold          Andrew Miletic                 St John Vianney
        Silver        Nicholas Mucaki                St Christopher
        Bronze        Joseph Dib                     Princess Elizabeth

       **  Grade 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 5A
        Gold          Henry Zhang                    Bellewood
        Silver        Isaac Czudner                  St Gabriel
        Bronze        Lucas Caro                     Holy Cross

       * Section 5B
        Gold          Kiara Roncone                  St Anne
        Silver        Kaz Vanroski                   Pavillon des Jeunes
        Bronze        Matthew Taylor                 St Christopher

       * Section 5C
        Gold          Joshua Maadi                   St John Vianney
        Silver        Christian Avolio               Christ the King
        Bronze        George Secen                   St Joseph

       * Section 5D
        Gold          Maxwell Nelson                 A V Graham
        Silver        Ray Hamlin                     Christ the King
        Bronze        Rony Naim                      H J Lassaline

       * Section 5E
        Gold          Kamil Stokiwski                St Anne
        Silver        Bilal Ahmed                    Bellewood
        Bronze        Randy Vuong                    Benson
        Bronze        Abdullah Nadeem                Southwood
        Bronze        Alex Dougall                   Ste Marguerite D'Youville

       * Section 5F
        Gold          Laith Almasri                  Bellewood
        Gold          Eric Lutz                      Christ the King
        Bronze          A.J. Villas                    St John Vianney

       * Section 5G
        Gold          Hadi Mouslmani                 Bellewood
        Silver        Spencer Ridpath                Southwood
        Silver        Christian Papp                 St William

       * Section 5H
        Gold          Dylan Tan                      Bellewood
        Silver        Shaun Horne                    St Christopher
        Bronze        David Posala                   Christ the King
        Bronze        Robin Bresolin                 Holy Cross

       **  Grade 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 6A
        Gold          Zhehai Zhang                   Bellewood
        Silver        Eric Li                        LaSalle
        Bronze        Yazan Abboud                   St John Vianney

       * Section 6B
        Gold          Lily Zhou                      Bellewood
        Silver        Sadat Nazmus                   Brock
        Silver        Matthew Brkljacic              Southwood

       * Section 6C
        Gold          Timothy Igbokwe                Southwood
        Silver        Ryan Harvey                    St Anne
        Bronze        Ryan Denomme                   St John Vianney
        Bronze        Joseph Gilliard                St Gabriel

       * Section 6D
        Gold          Ben Farkas                     St John Vianney
        Silver        Jake Periaperruram             St Anne
        Bronze        Jacob Derksen                  Gosfield North
        Bronze        Aiden Jamrog                   Southwood

       * Section 6E
        Gold          Aeneas Shinas                  Southwood
        Silver        Sam Letwin                     David Suzuki
        Bronze        Luke Mullins                   St William

       * Section 6F
        Gold          Alex Lin                       Southwood
        Silver        Austin Smith-Perreault         Maxwell
        Silver        Sean Omoseni                   St William

       * Section 6G
        Gold          Andrew Seguin                  St John Vianney
        Silver        Joshua Mathews                 Bellewood
        Bronze        Kevin Vu                       St Anne
        Bronze        Ali Albaj                      Coronation

       * Section 6H
        Gold          Ellen Tao                      St Gabriel
        Silver        Ervin Ciellza                  St Christopher
        Bronze        Avery Duhart                   Amherstburg
        Bronze        Lila Aniza                     Brock
        Bronze        Ayden Fryer                    LaSalle
        Bronze        Haris Shami                    Southwood

       **  Grade 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 7A
        Gold          Karry Konior                   Ste Marguerite D'Youville
        Silver        Mark Verebes                   Christ the King
        Silver        Scott Xu                       Southwood
        Silver        Thomas Magic                   St Gabriel

       * Section 7B
        Gold          Vithushan Krishnamohan         David Suzuki
        Silver        Jamal Alhariri                 Coronation
        Bronze        Mihir Gupta                    A V Graham
        Bronze        John Hunter Brink              St Angela

       * Section 7C
        Gold          Jeffrey Zhu                    Bellewood
        Silver        Ken Wen                        Queen Victoria
        Bronze        Josh Birch                     Gosfield North

       * Section 7D
        Gold          Kenny Chiang                   Benson
        Silver        Edward Beshiri                 St John Vianney
        Bronze        Brandon Fauteux                Pavillon des Jeunes
        Bronze        Jakob Tortola                  St Christopher

       * Section 7E
        Gold          Karl Zhu                       Queen Victoria
        Silver        Maggie Maun                    Benson
        Bronze        J.R. Nantais                   Coronation
        Bronze        Sydney Shephart                Pavillon des Jeunes

       * Section 7F
        Gold          Quin Greenaway                 Amherstburg
        Silver        Luke Lahoud                    McWilliam
        Bronze        Danica Nedeljkovic             Coronation
        Bronze        Nathalie Nguyen                Glenwood

       * Section 7G
        Gold          Rahma Gillan                   Glenwood
        Silver        Moustafa Serag Elden           Brock
        Silver        Maria Garisi                   H J Lassaline
        Silver        Chris Desbien                  Immaculate Conception

       * Section 7H
        Gold          Alex Shi                       Brock
        Silver        Ayden Vermette                 St Anne
        Bronze        Claira St-Pierre               Saint-Ambroise

       **  Grade 8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       * Section 8A
        Gold          Karthik Baskaran               Southwood
        Silver        Francisco Mateos Alarcon       Bellewood
        Bronze        Rohan Dhillon                  McWilliam

       * Section 8B
        Gold          Minya Bai                      Taylor
        Silver        Adam Blak                      St Gabriel
        Bronze        Syed Moeed                     Bellewood
        Bronze        Gursimmer Banwait              Southwood

       * Section 8C
        Gold          You Zhou                       Bellewood
        Silver        Devin Duhart                   Amherstburg
        Silver        Phillip Nguyen                 David Suzuki

       * Section 8D
        Gold          Tate Levesque                  Amherstburg
        Gold          Simon Beneteau                 St Joseph
        Bronze        Cole Binder                    Glenwood

       * Section 8E
        Gold          Stefano Lee                    LaSalle
        Silver        Alexander Borden               Beaton
        Bronze        Holden Burdett                 Glenwood
        Bronze        JohnMichael Orosik             St Joseph

       * Section 8F
        Gold          Lukas Cheung                   Beaton
        Silver        Sean Chiang                    Glenwood
        Bronze        Aiden Jansen                   Holy Cross

       * Section 8G
        Gold          Tyler D'Amore                  Southwood
        Silver        Luke Jokic                     Beaton
        Bronze        Hassan Ayoub                   McWilliam


Wednesday ** Grade 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 1A Gold Eric Duong Dougall Silver Barrett Enns Gore Hill Bronze Angie Huang Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Bronze Jivan Ramesh Home ed ** Grade 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 2A Gold Alan Bui Ste Cecile Gold Jacob Gaisinsky Ste Cecile Bronze Faaris Kaber Talbot Trail ** Grade 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 3A Gold Andreas Boscariol First Lutheran Silver Ziyad Emara Ste Cecile Silver Kaden Juodikis Sacred Heart * Section 3B Gold Elliot Mao Giles Campus Silver Camerom Eccles St Rose Bronze Jacob Dam Dougall Avenue * Section 3C Gold Omar Monajid Northwood Silver Liam Krohn Lakeshore Discovery Bronze Jai Singh Ste Cecile Bronze Rachel Ng Dougall Avenue Bronze Fatima Torres Eastwood Bronze Johnny Ewing Sandwich West ** Grade 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 4A Gold Daniel Xie Roseland Silver Nathan Yau Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Katherine Chernyak Giles Campus * Section 4B Gold Jack Li Ste Cecile Silver Umayer Khan Marlborough Bronze Elizabeth Chernyak Giles Campus * Section 4C Gold Tyler Ballad St Rose Gold Mary Kiraly Tecumseh Vista Academy Bronze Athan Gagnier Sandwich West * Section 4D Gold Machot Moses Marlborough Silver Osa Asemota First Lutheran Bronze Zachary Ionidis Sandwich West * Section 4E Gold Justin Cho First Lutheran Silver Shannon Cai Dougall Avenue Bronze Nicholas Dube Mgr Augustin Caron * Section 4F Gold Jayden Duchesne Mgr Augustin Caron Silver Ryan Taylor Lakeshore Discovery Silver Michael Reed Sandwich West * Section 4G Gold Max Chensse Giles Campus Silver Shengbuo Fang Talbot Trail Bronze Kanye Wallace-Bedford Dougall Avenue Bronze Ananya Sood Sandwich West Bronze Maddox Prince St John the Baptist ** Grade 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 5A Gold Rohan Talukdar Central Silver Anitej Bhaskar Northwood Bronze Devin Feng Monseigneur-Jean-Noel * Section 5B Gold Adam Gaisinsky Ste Cecile Silver Santhosh Cheverlharan Saint-Jean-Baptiste Bronze Julia Rivard Mgr Augustin Caron * Section 5C Gold Jeannie Zhang Northwood Silver Wade Masse Dougall Avenue Bronze Malik Williams Eastwood Bronze Michael Nantais St Pius X * Section 5D Gold Webster Kuo Sandwich West Silver Cynthia Nyguyen L A Desmarais Silver Noel Hodgson Mount Carmel-Blytheswood Silver Sehaj Cheema Talbot Trail * Section 5E Gold Antonio Spiridon Dougall Avenue Gold Marcus Stockwell Lakeshore Discovery Gold Alex Jadischke Mount Carmel-Blytheswood Gold Kevin Cui Talbot Trail * Section 5F Gold Devin Beneteau Mgr Augustin Caron Silver Ethan Dyke Queen of Peace Silver Jacob Young Saint-Jean-Baptiste * Section 5G Gold Yang Li Eastwood Silver Matteo Pontoni Sacred Heart Bronze Kayden Schmitt Gore Hill Bronze Ethan Walker L A Desmarais Bronze Matt Crowley Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Ryan Kuehfuss St Peter Bronze Shameer Zaid Talbot Trail * Section 5H Gold Peter Avdoulos Lakeshore Discovery Silver Abdullah Zafar Begley Silver Jared Sammut-Grenier Eastwood Silver Emilia Quaggiotto Sacred Heart Silver Andrew Lanoue St Peter ** Grade 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 6A Gold Anish Aggarwal Ste Cecile Silver Matteo Palumbo Malden Central Silver Sante Fallea Mgr Augustin Caron * Section 6B Gold Lewis Yau Mgr Augustin Caron Silver Christopher Ruta St Rose Bronze Luke Kuzmas First Lutheran * Section 6C Gold Caroline Alionte Lakeshore Discovery Silver Matthew Wismer Malden Central Silver Adam Jasniewicz Mgr Augustin Caron * Section 6D Gold Shawn Sehra First Lutheran Silver Namitha John Our Lady of Mount Carmel Silver Sean Marchand St Mary * Section 6E Gold David Novakovic Lakeshore Discovery Silver Duc Le Begley Bronze Luca Amicone Sandwich West Bronze Hendrix Hall Talbot Trail * Section 6F Gold Frank Hou Talbot Trail Silver Ayah Abouzeeni Eastwood Silver Luca Quenneville St John de Brebeuf Silver Noah Barron St Rose * Section 6G Gold Jaxon Boucher Mgr Augustin Caron Silver Mohammad Toum Giles Campus Bronze Michael Thachuk Holy Name Bronze Sahan Weeratunga Talbot Trail * Section 6H Gold Ryan Trieu Giles Campus Silver Cameron Rodzik St Gregory Silver Aidan Bryson St Rose * Section 6I Gold Cameron Chevalier Mgr Augustin Caron Silver David Tebbens Sandwich West Bronze Devon Desmarais St Rose ** Grade 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 7A Gold Howard Kuo Sandwich West Gold Brian Luong Dougall Avenue Gold Andrew Gao Giles Campus * Section 7B Gold Matthew Mckewan Sandwich West Silver Aman Shah Dougall Avenue Bronze Wyatt Hanson Saint-Michel * Section 7C Gold Marvin Zoora Queen of Peace Silver Braydon Wharram Mgr Augustin Caron Bronze Alex Mitchell Tecumseh Vista Academy * Section 7D Gold Matthew Thamarappallili Our Lady of Mount Carmel Silver Kevin Tebbens Sandwich West Silver Burhan Hamami Northwood Silver Adam Jeffery Saint-Michel Silver Nicholas Ditty St Peter * Section 7E Gold Felix Nunes Saint-Michel Silver Stefan Panzalovic Tecumseh Vista Academy Bronze Jayden Lacousiere Saint-Edmond * Section 7F Gold Brett Parent St Rose Silver Martin Cheung First Lutheran Bronze Navid Rahman Begley Bronze Adam Kawsara Marlborough Bronze Nicolas Lebel Saint-Edmond * Section 7G Gold Peter Akram Our Lady of Mount Carmel Gold Alex Mikho St Gregory Bronze Peter Moses Marlborough Bronze Andrew Pannitto St Peter * Section 7H Gold Eric Kang Our Lady of Mount Carmel Silver Michael Schneider St Peter Silver Trent Tousignant Talbot Trail * Section 7I Gold Leo Ng Dougall Silver Ibrahim Al-Ahmed Northwood Bronze Yu-Jin Kwon Our Lady of Mount Carmel ** Grade 8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Section 8A Gold Ryan Beneteau Mgr Augustin Caron Gold Nick Harris St James Gold Spencer Seguin St Pius X * Section 8B Gold Paul Szeto L A Desmarais Gold Ruturaj Darji Northwood Bronze Vladi Jidkov Saint-Michel * Section 8C Gold Owen Huang Dougall Avenue Gold Michael McMahon Northwood Bronze Eman Walid Begley Bronze Scott Plancke Queen of Peace Bronze Hasan Abdallah Saint-Edmond * Section 8D Gold Spencer Stockwell Lakeshore Discovery Silver Deep Sandhu Roseland Silver Emmett Renaud St Gregory * Section 8E Gold Justin Ulpindo Our Lady of Mount Carmel Silver Steve Berberi L A Desmarais Silver Carly Jacobs St Rose * Section 8F Gold Kiran Menon Talbot Trail Silver Noah Bacon St John de Brebeuf Bronze Emma Jacques St Rose * Section 8G Gold Anish Nyayachavadi Eastwood Gold Adam Gurassci Sacred Heart Bronze Adam Janisse St Rose

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