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Medal winners 2009

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This list is of the medals that SHOULD have been awarded.
With over 100 volunteer scorekeepers, no doubt mistakes were made.
If you got a medal that is shinier than it should be, by all means keep it.


       * Section 1A
        Gold      Joshua Matthews                Bellewood
        Silver    Vivian Tang                    Central
        Bronze    Josh O'Neil                    Holy Name

       * Section 2A
        Gold      Andrew Gao                     Bellewood
        Silver    Malik Johnson                  Bellewood
        Silver    Nikola Kolobaric               Concord

       * Section 2B
        Gold      Jeffrey Zhu                    Bellewood
        Silver    Olivia Villa                   St Bernard
        Silver    Martin Cheung                  First Lutheran
        Silver    Stefan Price-Aguirre           Bellewood

       * Section 3A
        Gold      Albert Zhan                    Bellewood
        Gold      Cooper O'Rourke                Sandwich West
        Bronze    Faisal Youssef                 Prince Edward
        Bronze    Jacqueline MacKenzie           Bellewood
        Bronze    Sebastian Palazzi              First Lutheran

       * Section 3B
        Gold      Carmen Tang                    Eastwood
        Gold      Syed Moeed                     Bellewood
        Bronze    Calvin Gambling                St Gabriel

       * Section 3C
        Gold      Jonathan Agapito               Concord
        Silver    Rachel Reaume                  Prince Andrew
        Bronze    Paige Brown                    Beaton

       * Section 3D
        Gold      Jonathan Nantais               First Lutheran
        Silver    Spencer Hedge                  Prince Andrew
        Bronze    Filip Knezevic                 Concord

       * Section 4A
        Gold      Nicholas Cull                  Parkview
        Silver    Caroline Eberhard              First Lutheran
        Silver    Jordan Guadette                Sandwich West

       * Section 4B
        Gold      Blain Wallace                  LaSalle
        Gold      Braeden Seifarth               First Lutheran
        Bronze    Chris Drouillard               Prince Andrew
        Bronze    Parth Barot                    Northwood

       * Section 4C
        Gold      Rachel Tao                     St Gabriel
        Silver    Trevor Beneteau                Mgr Augustin Caron
        Bronze    Ethan Nelson                   Prince Andrew
        Bronze    Mahwish Khan                   Brock
        Bronze    Talha Iqbal                    Al-Hijra

       * Section 4D
        Gold      Alek Kawischer                 St Gabriel
        Silver    Abdullah Naeem                 Glenwood
        Bronze    Logan Paroian                  Sandwich West

       * Section 4E
        Gold      Matthew Thomson                Prince Andrew
        Silver    Ty Boucher                     Mgr Augustin Caron
        Bronze    Liam Bergeron                  Holy Name

       * Section 4F
        Gold      Jeremy Matthews                Bellewood
        Silver    Sean Manser                    Glenwood
        Bronze    Christopher Falkner            St Gabriel
        Bronze    Derek Wall                     Prince Andrew

       * Section 4G
        Gold      Iris Cheung                    First Lutheran
        Silver    Grace Wong                     Northwood
        Bronze    Jake Menard                    Mgr Augustin Caron
        Bronze    Justin Burke                   King Edward
        Bronze    Zorain Khan                    Concord

        * Section 5A
        Gold      Bradley Thibert                St John the Baptist
        Silver    Jacob DiFazio                  St Rose
        Bronze    Parker Garrod                  Queen Elizabeth

       * Section 5B
        Gold      Jacob Croteau                  Mgr Augustin Caron
        Gold      Shaumik Baki                   Bellewood
        Bronze    Harvir Dhindsa                 Northwood

       * Section 5C
        Gold      Andrew Luppino                 St Peter
        Silver    Alexander Orshinsky            A V Graham
        Bronze    Joel McNorton                  Campbell
        Bronze    Josh Dycha                     St Rose
        Bronze    Michael Gordon                 Bellewood

       * Section 5D
        Gold      Calvin Wongsuna                Queen Elizabeth
        Silver    Christopher Gregorian          Bellewood
        Bronze    Dalton Guttridge               Glenwood
        Bronze    Grant Connolly                 St John the Baptist
        Bronze    Nasser Ghannam                 Northwood

       * Section 5E
        Gold      Keenan Suthers                 A V Graham
        Silver    Mitchel Paulin                 St Peter
        Bronze    Josh Zegrean                   Prince Andrew

       * Section 5F
        Gold      Joel Sands                     First Lutheran
        Silver    Fabio Pellarin                 St Peter
        Bronze    Trevor Parent                  St Rose

       * Section 5G
        Gold      Navkiran Deol                  First Lutheran
        Silver    Anthony Zrvnar                 St Peter
        Bronze    Alexander Cull                 Parkview
        Bronze    Clare Prowse                   St John de Brebeuf
        Bronze    Dhruvit Bhavsar                Talbot Trail
        Bronze    Quinn MacNeil                  Gosfield North

       * Section 5H
        Gold      Donald Rodzik                  First Lutheran
        Gold      Orges Saliu                    Immaculate Conception
        Bronze    Wade Ferriss                   St Peter

        * Section 6A
        Gold      Bradley Gyemi                  A V Graham
        Gold      Celine Leblanc                 Mgr Augustin Caron
        Gold      Nick Petresu                   St Maria Goretti
        Gold      Ryan Palazzolo                 St Gabriel

       * Section 6B
        Gold      Carla Passador                 St Gabriel
        Silver    Katie Leslie                   A V Graham
        Bronze    Stephen Proulx                 St Rose

       * Section 6C
        Gold      Andy Wang                      LaSalle
        Silver    Alex Bence                     Concord
        Silver    Jon Grebe                      First Lutheran

       * Section 6D
        Gold      Steven Liu                     Eastwood
        Silver    Brandon Nantais                A V Graham
        Bronze    Natasha Topliffe               St Gabriel

       * Section 6E
        Gold      Jovan Lisulov                  Talbot Trail
        Silver    Amritpal Singh                 Southwood
        Bronze    Jake Ouellette                 A V Graham

       * Section 6F
        Gold      Menushka Weeratunga            Talbot Trail
        Silver    Isaac Seifarth                 First Lutheran
        Bronze    Kofi Adomako                   Prince Andrew

       * Section 6G
        Gold      Ryan Malott                    Gosfield North
        Silver    Robbie Haggath                 LaSalle
        Bronze    Logan Fletcher                 Mgr Augustin Caron

       * Section 6H
        Gold      Connor Labute                  Mgr Augustin Caron
        Silver    Willam Zou                     Talbot Trail
        Bronze    Michael Trimble                Gosfield North

        * Section 7A
        Gold      Jasmine Saunders               LaSalle
        Silver    Ian Manser                     Glenwood
        Bronze    Skylar Edwards                 Talbot Trail

       * Section 7B
        Gold      Mohsyn Malic                   A V Graham
        Silver    Clayton Young                  Prince Edward
        Silver    Vikrant Garg                   Talbot Trail

       * Section 7C
        Gold      Joshua Myers                   Holy Name
        Silver    Tiger Bawa                     LaSalle
        Silver    Trevor Brisson                 St Rose

       * Section 7D
        Gold      Preston Soucie                 McCallum
        Silver    Mikaela Morin                  First Lutheran
        Bronze    Aeryn Ng                       Concord
        Bronze    Amita Hinge                    Talbot Trail
        Bronze    Benjamin Brothers              Queen Elizabeth
        Bronze    Devon Spencer                  A V Graham
        Bronze    Tyler Cherubin                 St Rose

       * Section 7E
        Gold      Stephen Passador               St Gabriel
        Silver    Alex Coutinho                  St Gabriel
        Bronze    Nathan Hesman                  LaSalle

       * Section 7F
        Gold      Robert Roeder                  St Rose
        Silver    Jakov Lisulov                  Talbot Trail
        Bronze    Chen Chang                     Campbell
        Bronze    Hakeem Sadiq                   Concord

       * Section 7G
        Gold      Simon Tang                     Central
        Silver    Gordon Duzhoa                  Northwood
        Bronze    Tony Panti                     St Maria Goretti

       * Section 8A
        Gold      Aishwary Gupta                 A V Graham
        Silver    Hussein El-Saghir              Begley
        Silver    Umar Khan                      Brock

       * Section 8B
        Gold      Zachary Zamojski               St Gabriel
        Silver    Marco DeBartoli                A V Graham
        Bronze    Jianan Wang                    LaSalle

       * Section 8C
        Gold      Delia Soucie                   McCallum
        Silver    Liam Palmer                    King Edward
        Silver    Tyler Deslippe                 A V Graham

       * Section 8D
        Gold      Jason Zhang                    Campbell
        Silver    Sully Robson                   St Rose
        Bronze    Brandon Allen                  St Bernard

       * Section 8E
        Gold      Nilo Tavares                   St Rose
        Silver    Garrett Seifarth               First Lutheran
        Bronze    Steven Chen                    Northwood

       * Section 8F
        Gold      Brian Bui                      Queen Elizabeth
        Silver    Gavin Blunt                    St Bernard
        Silver    James Krey                     First Lutheran

       * Section 8G
        Gold      Makram Al-Matary               Eastwood
        Silver    Natan Veinberg                 A V Graham
        Silver    Scott Colley                   Queen Elizabeth

       * Section 8H
        Gold      Joseph Zhou                    Glenwood
        Silver    Emmanuel Igbokwe               Talbot Trail
        Bronze    CJ Grafos                      Eastwood
        Bronze    Daniel Simms                   LaSalle
        Bronze    Nasr Al-Rayess                 Al-Hijra

       * Section 8I
        Gold      Angus Kong                     Northwood
        Silver    Shariful Islam                 Brock
        Bronze    Jessie Whittle                 Queen Elizabeth
        Bronze    Paul Gillard                   St Gabriel

Tuesday * Section 1A Gold Rohan Tulukdar Forest Glade Silver Ethan Dubeau Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Bronze Alex Grigorescu Monseigneur-Jean-Noel * Section 2A Gold Luc Warnock Sainte-Ursule Silver Justin Guy Amherstburg Bronze Zachary Lauzon Sainte-Ursule Bronze Andrew Ogley Lakeshore Discovery Bronze Devin Grondin Lakeshore Discovery Bronze Mathew Saad Queen of Peace Bronze Matthew DeForest Queen Victoria * Section 3A Gold Juno Oh Forest Glade Silver Trent Seguin Lakeshore Discovery Bronze Alex Dufour Lakeshore Discovery Bronze Rohan Dhillon McWilliam * Section 3B Gold Luka Tojcic Forest Glade Silver Zachary Buchanan Centennial Bronze Benjamin St. Amour St John Vianney Bronze Brayden Dufour Sainte-Ursule Bronze Spencer Stockwell Lakeshore Discovery * Section 3C Gold Burak Yilmaz Forest Glade Silver Aldi Goce Dougall Avenue Bronze John Renaud Monseigneur-Jean-Noel * Section 4A Gold Kevin Truong McWilliam Silver Chris Cushman Ste Marguerite D'Youville Bronze Adams Potts McWilliam * Section 4B Gold Juan Jaramilo Christ the King Silver Preston McInnis Ste Marguerite D'Youville Bronze Russell Bickford Harrow Sr * Section 4C Gold Erica Forshaw Saint-Ambroise Silver Ian Kennedy Sainte-Ursule Bronze Matthew Bilek Harrow Sr Bronze Alessia Montemurri Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bronze Armin Jusic Dougall Avenue Bronze Brandon Marusic Christ the King Bronze T.J. Spidalieri L A Desmarais * Section 4D Gold Michael Abbott Harrow Sr Silver Ryan Hou Saint-Ambroise Bronze Lorenzo Pernasilici St John Vianney * Section 4E Gold Nirmal Vettiankal Our Lady of Mount Carmel Silver Steven Rice St John Vianney Bronze Roberto Mill Lakeshore Discovery * Section 4F Gold Kabir Bhangoo Lakeshore Discovery Silver Marc Mansour Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Bronze Griffin Heynen Our Lady of the Annunciation Bronze Jose Roye St William * Section 4G Gold Jaad Saleh McWilliam Silver Christopher Lapa Queen of Peace Silver Devin O'Neil Our Lady of the Annunciation * Section 4H Gold Matija Zupanik St John Vianney Silver Hunter Clarkson Saint-Edmond Bronze Tavian Salidas McWilliam * Section 5A Gold Nathan Nantais Christ the King Silver Durval Farias Harrow Sr Bronze Louis Vanier Saint-Ambroise * Section 5B Gold Demos Sabalis Dougall Avenue Gold Kelvin Wu Queen Victoria Gold Liam Mastronardi Saint-Michel * Section 5C Gold Pierre Yousif L A Desmarais Silver Jordan Marlein St Christopher Bronze Bailey Courtland Amherstburg Bronze Sean Cerkauskas Ste Cecile * Section 5D Gold Matthew Brockman Our Lady of the Annunciation Gold Nicolas DallaBona St William Gold Seth Girard Amherstburg * Section 5E Gold Bruce Giroux Ste Marguerite D'Youville Silver AJ Rivest St Christopher Bronze Don Panganiban Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Bronze Jared Fuerth St Mary Bronze Savo Bajic Lakeshore Discovery Bronze Samantha Beneteau St Anthony * Section 5F Gold Dane Weaver Amherstburg Gold Konrad Konior Ste Marguerite D'Youville Bronze Zen Trozzi Harrow Sr * Section 5G Gold Kassem Nizam Dougall Avenue Silver Mark Rosati Anderdon Bronze Sebastien Lee-Daigle Ste Marguerite D'Youville Bronze Kurt Sauerwein St Anthony * Section 5H Gold David DeForest Queen Victoria Silver Andrew Papadopoulos Dougall Avenue Silver Zak Nantais Christ the King Silver Brandon Woelk St Anthony * Section 6A Gold Ethan Renaud St Christopher Silver Alex Deans Ste Cecile Bronze Kacey Lombardo Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Bronze Ryan Petrlich Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bronze Stefano Manzocco Notre Dame * Section 6B Gold Nick Leipold East Mersea Silver Blake Van Zetten Forest Glade Silver Liam Rutherford Lakeshore Discovery * Section 6C Gold Patrick Leroux-MacDonald L A Desmarais Silver Alex Roy Lakeshore Discovery Silver Dustin Meloche Our Lady of the Annunciation Silver King James Ste Cecile * Section 6D Gold Matt Marcoccia Christ the King Gold Zachary Parent L A Desmarais Bronze John Fahey Queen Victoria * Section 6E Gold Emily Robinson McWilliam Silver Liam Simone Christ the King Silver Ming Yang Gao Dougall Avenue * Section 6F Gold Tedi Hoxha Dougall Avenue Silver Eric Hou Saint-Ambroise Bronze Cody Pettypiece Forest Glade * Section 6G Gold Charles Marquez St Christopher Gold Kyle Berry McWilliam Bronze Brendan Sauve St William * Section 6H Gold Ross LeCunff Lakeshore Discovery Silver Zachary Guilbeault Ste Marguerite D'Youville Bronze Ethan Pratas Queen of Peace * Section 7A Gold Tyler Symons Saint-Michel Silver Cody Kroeker East Mersea Bronze Raymond Hoan Hetherington * Section 7B Gold Josh Richer McWilliam Silver Chris Lauzon Saint-Ambroise Bronze Ryan Francis Christ the King * Section 7C Gold Bill Gan Dougall Avenue Silver Alessandra Ceccacci Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Silver Fadi Mansour St John Vianney Silver Joe Brockman Our Lady of the Annunciation Silver Michael D'Agostini Christ the King * Section 7D Gold Kyle Slade St William Silver Maria Jaramillo Christ the King Bronze Elijah Albert-Grayer Harrow Sr Bronze Jonathan Nari Monseigneur-Jean-Noel Bronze Kiefer Wright Amherstburg Bronze Mathew Donison Sainte-Ursule Bronze Nicolas Quenneville Saint-Ambroise * Section 7E Gold Jeff Bilek Harrow Sr Gold Tony Zhang Dougall Avenue Bronze Ben Andrews Queen Victoria * Section 7F Gold Peter Peng Ste Cecile Silver Cody Morency Harrow Sr Bronze Kyle Lamont Maxwell * Section 7G Gold Kenan Cangirli Forest Glade Silver Nijm Nijm Notre Dame Bronze Aleks Braykovich St Angela Bronze Kevin Coggans East Mersea Bronze Sarah Panek Saint-Edmond * Section 7H Gold Klinti Turani Notre Dame Silver Mitchell Harder Lakeshore Discovery Bronze Cory Lesperance Forest Glade Bronze Spencer Klassen East Mersea * Section 8A Gold Adam Hoehne Ste Cecile Gold Dante Giglio Christ the King Gold Jake Meilleur Harrow Sr Gold Justin Chretien Ste Marguerite D'Youville * Section 8B Gold Brett Giroux Ste Marguerite D'Youville Silver Frank Wiebe East Mersea Silver James Meilleur Harrow Sr Silver Nada Francis Monseigneur-Jean-Noel * Section 8C Gold Nick McGraw Forest Glade Silver Maggie Forshaw Saint-Ambroise Silver Marvin Halili Dougall Avenue * Section 8D Gold Ahmad Saleh McWilliam Gold Jeremy Huang Dougall Avenue Bronze Bradley Tiessen Harrow Sr * Section 8E Gold Jordan Katrib Queen Victoria Silver Andy Kwok Dougall Avenue Bronze Omar Sabbagh Ste Cecile Bronze Alessandro Atanasio St Anthony * Section 8F Gold Billy Trudell Saint-Ambroise Gold Brian Tran Queen Victoria Gold Greg Konrad East Mersea
Wednesday * Grade 1 (playing with Grade 2s Gold Matteo Palumbo Malden * Section 2A Gold Alex Mikho St Gregory Silver Dawson Wallach Malden Silver Garrett Schinkel Maranatha * Section 3A Gold Antonio Ferro Holy Cross Silver Dante Buratto Holy Cross Silver Joseph Dagati Holy Cross Silver Nikko Drkulec St Gregory Bronze Michael Nunes St Gregory Grade 3s played "Holy Cross against the rest" * Section 4A Gold Andre Seguin Holy Cross Gold Julien Evon St Joseph Bronze Adam Nunes St Gregory Bronze Kyle Cruz St Anne * Section 4B Gold Anthony Pham St Anne Gold Douglas Rosete St Anne Bronze Julian Pieniakzek St Gregory Bronze Philip Jurkowski St Anne * Section 5A Gold Daniel Manera Maranatha Gold Joe Iskander St Anne Bronze Matthew Abbruzzese Holy Cross Bronze Sam Girard Malden * Section 5B Gold Michael O'Neil Southwood Gold Seren Fogal St Anne Bronze Alessio Symons Holy Cross Bronze Dimitri Shinas Malden * Section 5C Gold Daniel Woods St Anne Silver Jarrod Wynn Malden Bronze Charbel Bourtos St Anne Bronze Chris Meloche Sacred Heart Bronze Christopher Hunter St Anne * Section 6A Gold Christian Wrona Holy Cross Gold Yasin Avci Parkview Bronze Max Gill St Gregory * Section 6B Gold Thomas Switoschik St Joseph Silver Vincent Ibrahim Holy Cross Bronze Noah Bushnel St Gregory * Section 7A Gold Andrei Enache Sacred Heart Silver Nathan Leung St Gregory Bronze Jacob Diab Holy Cross * Section 8A Gold Jacob Baillargeon St Joseph Silver Mark McWhinney Malden Bronze Chase Wallach Malden * Section 8B Gold Nick Switoschik St Joseph Silver Patrick Mcann St Gregory Bronze Dylan Jaber Malden Bronze Nicholas Chesnik Ste Therese

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