Windsor Chess Challenge
Tournament Rules

(The rules of chess are available on-line in adult language or kid language)

1. The tournament consists of eight games. At the end of the playing session, the scorekeeper will award a half-point to each player for any unplayed games in order to determine the section winners. So if a student had played only seven games by the end of the day, winning four, losing three, his/her score would be 4 (four wins plus one unplayed).

2. Students will remain inside the building unless accompanied by an adult.

3. Students are expected to behave according to their school's code of behaviour.

4. The touch move, touch piece, rule will apply. If you touch a chess piece you are required to move it unless it is illegal to do so. If a player touches an opponent's piece they must capture it, unless it is illegal for them to do so. Once a player releases a piece, his/her move is complete.

5. Students are not required to say "check" when attacking their opponent's King, but it is the usual thing to do. The defender is required to see the attack on the King and get out of check by any legal option. If a defender does not see the attack on his King and makes another move, the attacker may NOT capture the King. The defender must make a different move, if possible, with the piece already touched.

6. Due to time constraints the Tournament Director may require students to use a clock to finish slow progressing games. A player who has a slow opponent may ask the scorer for a clock.

7. Each pair of players is required to together report their result to the designated scoring table in their area. After reporting their result the pair will wait for the next pair to report. Where possible students winning their games will be paired together for their next game.

8. Students may play an opponent only once in the tournament, and probably will not play someone from their own school.

9. The Tournament Directors will have the final say in any disputes.

10. Students are not allowed to comment on other students' games while they are in progress.

11. Unless they are volunteering, parents and teachers must stay out of the playing area. Student's games will be forfeited if parents or teachers assist students in any way.

12. Absolutely no personal electronic devices may be used at the tournament tables during active play. Students who are deemed to be cheating at play may be disqualified from the tournament.

13. Medals will be awarded after the playing session has ended.

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