Windsor Chess Challenge

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Format for 2019

Just the same as last year...

Just as we did in previous years, we will be having half the schools one day, half the next. Once again, in 2019 you can choose which day you prefer. For 2019, we will have volunteers from Brennan to work as scorekeepers.

The players will be in groups of 16 - 20, and will play a maximum of eight games against the others in their group. Gold medal to first overall in their group, or anyone scoring 100%. Silver medal to second, Bronze medal to third.

The top players from each grade are invited to go to the Ontario Youth Chess Championships.

How do we determine the top players from over 200 players in each grade? We have playoff tournaments, which will be held on a Sunday, see Playoffs information

Registration Information

(1) Choose what day to play, estimate the number of players you will bring, and register online. You don't need to know your players' names right now. Just estimate how many students will be on your team.
We can't have everyone on the same day, that's why we want an estimate of how many players you will bring.
Online registration

Unfortunately, because we have a limited amount of space, we have to limit the team sizes:

Most schools (up to 600 students): 18 players overall, not more than 8 per grade
Large schools (over 600 students): 27 players overall, not more than 8 per grade

If you have more players in your chess club, you may wish to hold a tournament to determine who goes to the Windsor Chess Challenge.

(2) Decide who will play for your school.
You must enter the names online by February 15, 2019.

(3) Order your T-shirts.
Note that T-shirts are optional, and must be ordered directly from the screen-printing company.

(4) Send the entry fees.
Send (mail) a cheque for the entry fee: $12 per player. The online registration will produce an invoice. Make the cheque payable to Windsor Chess Challenge and mail it to the address on the invoice. You may also eTransfer to kathleen[AT]chesschallenge[DOT]info.

We know it takes a couple of days for Canada Post to do its thing, but please mail the cheque promptly. Then, when we start nagging, you can honestly say "the cheque is in the mail".