Windsor Chess Challenge

2018 Snowday Plan

updated 20 October 2017

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It's Canada. In the winter, snow happens. We will cancel the Chess Challenge only if the school buses are cancelled in both city and county.

If the school buses are cancelled only in the county, the Chess Challenge will be held. About 2/3 of the players are from Windsor, where the buses will still be running.

If the school buses are cancelled completely, the Chess Challenge will be cancelled for that day. We MIGHT be able to re-schedule.

Check the school bus status each day. We might have to cancel one day, but be able to play the next.

And cross your fingers...

If the Chess Challenge is held, but the county buses are cancelled, there are four issues:

  1. The kids miss out on the tournament
  2. Some kids may miss out on the playoffs/provincial championships
  3. What about refunds
  4. The organizers have done tons of preparation

The snowday plan for 2018, one issue at a time:

  1. Kids miss out on chess
  2. Teachers, hold an in-school tournament, perhaps inviting neighbouring schools to join in. We can supply participation awards and medals (see refunds, below). Call it the Chess Challenge fun-event

  3. Who can go to the playoffs if they miss the Chess Challenge?
  4. Schools that had less than 50% of their team present at the Chess Challenge may nominate players to go to the playoffs.

    (a) The player must have missed the event because of transportation problems

    (b) The nominated player(s) must be significantly better than their peers - remember, at the Chess Challenge only one player in ten goes to the playoffs. Don't nominate kids who are going to lose every game!

    maybe, the nominated player won a gold medal last year;

    maybe, the nominated player has been attending practice tournaments, and doing well.

  5. Refunds:

    (a) if the buses are cancelled, and therefore we cancel the entire event, the schools get a full refund, and we supply medals and ribbons for a consolation tournament at cost.

    (b) if the school boards cancel the county buses, but the event is held anyway (as happened on Tuesday in 2005, and again on Tuesday in 2008), county schools get a 100% refund for any county player that does not attend. We supply medals and ribbons for a consolation tournament at cost.

  6. All the organizers' work is wasted.
  7. Too bad, organizers, suck it up, go home and shovel your driveway.

Any questions? E-mail us at kathleen [AT] chesschallenge [DOT] info