Chess Challenge

Wednesday, February 28

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                   **  Mgr Jean Noel                    

                   * Hall A 
                    Section 8C  --  Mario Eid
                    Section 8D  --  Caleb Gallerno
                    Section 8E  --  Chris Hanna

                   * Hall B 
                    Section 4F  --  William Zhang
                    Section 6A  --  Aislyn Harron
                    Section 6B  --  Joey Murtagh
                    Section 6C  --  Daniel Skurvidas
                    Section 6D  --  Spencer Trepanier

                   * Hall C 
                    Section 5A  --  Leah Hanna
                    Section 5B  --  Kaitlyn Tao
                    Section 5C  --  Cira Vogler
                    Section 5D  --  Isabel Yee