Chess Challenge

Wednesday, February 28

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                   **  Giles                            

                   * Hall A 
                    Section 7E  --  Stefan Bratic
                    Section 7B  --  Abraham Hamka
                    Section 7A  --  Trystan Hem
                    Section 7D  --  Evan MacLean
                    Section 7A  --  Fadie Qaisi
                    Section 7F  --  Zack Triolet
                    Section 7G  --  Emre Yasarlar
                    Section 7C  --  Rami Zaidan
                    Section 8E  --  Ian McCourtie
                    Section 8G  --  Caleb Owen
                    Section 8F  --  Bevensky Plancher

                   * Hall B 
                    Section 1B  --  Isobel Williams
                    Section 4G  --  Gaia Daignault
                    Section 4F  --  Selena Srour
                    Section 4B  --  Ismail Yasarlar
                    Section 4A  --  Alissa Zaidan
                    Section 4E  --  Yiwei Zhu
                    Section 6G  --  Owen Coffey
                    Section 6H  --  Sarbungh Singh
                    Section 6A  --  Hatem Taha
                    Section 6B  --  Noah Wilson
                    Section 8H  --  Melissa Zaidan

                   * Hall C 
                    Section 3C  --  Judah Klassen
                    Section 3D  --  Steven Lu
                    Section 5G  --  Sian Hoih Kap
                    Section 5H  --  Sunny Shi
                    Section 5A  --  Jie Wen Zheng