Windsor Chess Challenge

Tuesday February 27, or Wednesday February 28, 2018

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What IS all the fuss about??
The Chess Challenge is just a big chess tournament for kids. It's so big that we have to hold it on two days, half the schools one day, half the next. Playoffs will be held on a Saturday, after March Break. This tournament is for Grades 1 thru 8.

When and where is the Chess Challenge?
February 27 and 28, from 9.45 till about 2.00 pm, at the Ciociaro Club, 3745 Talbot Road North, Oldcastle.

Why have playoffs?
One purpose for this tournament is to select outstanding players who will be invited to the Ontario Youth Chess Championship.

Only about 15% of players at the Chess Challenge qualify for the playoffs, and only 5% will be invited to the OYCC.

There's no chess club at my kid's school...
If you want your child to play in the Chess Challenge, and there is no club at school, you can register him yourself. Go to the online registration, and act as if you are a teacher. Read the instructions for teachers, below.

I'm a teacher, what do I have to do?
The process is (from your point of view)

  1. You decide who is going to play, register them online by Feb 16th
  2. You collect the entry fees from the players, and send us a cheque.
  3. You can make changes to your list until Feb 23rd
  4. After you get section details (see #6 below), you pass along that info to the kids
We understand that you collect the money from the players, and then write a cheque to us. What we ask is that you mail the cheque a.s.a.p, and then you can honestly reply "the cheque is in the mail" if we starting nagging you.

From our point of view, everything starts after Feb 16th...

  1. We divide the players into groups, depending on what grade they are in and what day they play. Most years, there are 85 groups (called "sections" in chess parlance).
  2. We fit all the sections into the available space, and rent tables (about 100, usually)
  3. We produce room and section layouts, and assign volunteers to look after everything.
  4. After February 23rd, we make adjustments as necessary to sections
  5. We produce nametags and score cards for all the players
  6. We produce a player list for each school, showing where each kid will be playing
On the day of competition, we all cross our fingers and pray for NO SNOW. (Snowday plan, just in case)
You show up with your kids
A good time is had by all

Any questions? E-mail us at kathleen [AT] chesschallenge [DOT] info