Chess Challenge

Tuesday, February 27

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                   **  Centennial                       

                   * Hall A 
                    Section 7E  --  Garrett Gagnier
                    Section 7F  --  Silas Goetrzen
                    Section 7G  --  Caleb Hagan
                    Section 7A  --  David Neufeld
                    Section 7B  --  Brennen Patrick
                    Section 8D  --  Brad Filby
                    Section 8E  --  Tyrrell Goetrzen
                    Section 8F  --  Jacob Morris
                    Section 8G  --  Malachi Neufeld

                   * Hall B 
                    Section 6G  --  Ben Brown
                    Section 6H  --  Carson Lippert
                    Section 6I  --  Kaden Mogyrody
                    Section 6J  --  Kellen Smith
                    Section 6A  --  Emma-El St. Pierre
                    Section 6B  --  Mia Stojsavljevic
                    Section 6C  --  Una Stojsavljevic