Windsor Chess Challenge

Tuesday February 28th, or Wednesday March 1st, 2017

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2017 Medal Winners

These are the medals that should have been given.
With 45 volunteers giving out medals, I'm sure mistakes were made. For full medal rules, click here

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Medal Name day section school
Ste Cecile Nguyen, Aiden Gold 1 1A
Home schooled Ripley, Isaac Silver 1 1A
A21 Bal, Abhi Bronze 1 1A
Talbot Trail Kaur, Eveleen Gold 2 2A
Ste Cecile Yacoub, Luke Gold 2 2A
Talbot Trail Kaur, Eveleen Gold 2 2A
Herman Guttman, Emet Silver 2 2A
Sandwich West Pazner, Zachary Bronze 2 2A
Herman Tumpkin, Carson Bronze 2 2A
Sandwich West Stavropoulos, Aleksander Gold 2 2B
Herman Klay, Jonah Gold 2 2B
Herman Wang, Brayden Gold 2 2B
Ste Cecile Faddoul, Gabriel Silver 2 2B
Colchester VanVrouwerff, Zachary Bronze 2 2B
Hetherington Pinard, Kadyn Gold 3 3A
Talbot Trail Labak, Ourwa Gold 3 3A
Sandwich West Bellefeuille, Connor Bronze 3 3A
D M Eagle Lawler, Liam Bronze 3 3A
Talbot Trail Li, Daniella Gold 3 3B
King Edward Gonzalez, Amara Silver 3 3B
Tecumseh Vista Shepherd, Maxx Silver 3 3B
Gosfield North Couvillion, Cohen Bronze 3 3B
Harrow Halverson, Gavin Gold 3 3C
Talbot Trail Vyas, Samarth Gold 3 3C
Colchester Klassen, Caleb Silver 3 3C
Ste Ursule Morvay, Caleb Bronze 3 3C
St Rose Ullman, Kristopher Bronze 3 3C
Home schooled Ripley, Sam Gold 4 4A
St Rose Broadfoot, Carter Silver 4 4A
Herman Lee, Indy Silver 4 4A
Talbot Trail Locham, Divjot Gold 4 4B
Lakeshore Discovery Leili, Cohen Silver 4 4B
Mgr Augustin Caron Jasniewicz, Olivia Silver 4 4B
St Rose Eccles, Stephanie Silver 4 4B
Talbot Trail Pagidi, Anirudh Gold 4 4C
St John Vianney Falls, Ben Silver 4 4C
Sandwich West Szabo, Alex Bronze 4 4C
St Rose Polachock, Neil Gold 4 4D
Lakeshore Discovery Mickle, Gavin Silver 4 4D
Gosfield North Diemer, Hudson Bronze 4 4D
Sandwich West Taylor, Josiah Bronze 4 4D
St Mary Naidoo, Sirisha Bronze 4 4D
Talbot Trail Khath, Aaron Gold 4 4E
Tecumseh Vista Hill, Joel Gold 4 4E
St Ambroise Levesque, Nathan Bronze 4 4E
Notre Dame Lalman, Henry Gold 4 4F
Talbot Trail Li, Raymond Silver 4 4F
St Peter DiNatale, Massimo Bronze 4 4F
St Rose Bouchard, Fitz Gold 5 5A
Sandwich West Taylor, Luke Silver 5 5A
Colchester Dibbley, Ethan Bronze 5 5A
St John Vianney Blake, Quintin Bronze 5 5A
First Lutheran Marcelloni, Jacob Gold 5 5B
Talbot Trail Cheema, Rehat Silver 5 5B
Ste Ursule Morvay, Noah Bronze 5 5B
Home schooled Ripley, Noah Gold 5 5C
First Lutheran Abadjian, Aram Silver 5 5C
Talbot Trail Fabian, Erik Bronze 5 5C
First Lutheran Yim, Warren Gold 5 5D
Talbot Trail Li, Helen Silver 5 5D
Coronation Friesen, Malachi Silver 5 5D
Ste Cecile Pan, Thomas Gold 5 5E
Talbot Trail Pagidi, Abhinav Silver 5 5E
Sandwich West Bains-Khatra, Atam Bronze 5 5E
Roseland Yan, Kevin Gold 5 5F
Sandwich West Gin, Alex Silver 5 5F
Mgr Augustin Caron LeBlanc, Joel Bronze 5 5F
Holy Cross Naccarato, Joseph Bronze 5 5F
Mgr Augustin Caron Odrcich, Evan Gold 5 5G
Holy Cross Touralias, Peter Silver 5 5G
Sandwich West Renaud, Brodie Bronze 5 5G
Begley Amin, Rayyaan Bronze 5 5G
Coronation Zarzour, Joud Gold 5 5H
Ste Ursule Kelley, Olivia Gold 5 5H
Mgr Augustin Caron Wharram, Devon Bronze 5 5H
Queen Elizabeth Mohamad, Mohamad Gold 5 5I
St Gabriel Kriemadis, Noah Silver 5 5I
St Peter Varjacic, Nikolas Bronze 5 5I
Tecumseh Vista Parent, Noa Gold 6 6A
St Rose Saunders, Dillan Silver 6 6A
Christ the King Cats, Anabelle Bronze 6 6A
King Edward Sheehy, Connor Gold 6 6B
Tecumseh Vista Siblani, Karim Silver 6 6B
St Rose Thomas, Brady Bronze 6 6B
A21 Bui, Alan Gold 6 6C
First Lutheran Yim, Justin Silver 6 6C
Talbot Trail Cook, Brett Bronze 6 6C
Tecumseh Vista Tran, Alex Bronze 6 6C
Sandwich West Meng, Jesse Gold 6 6D
Talbot Trail Wafai, Yassine Gold 6 6D
Begley Syed, Areeb Bronze 6 6D
D M Eagle Disic, Stefan Bronze 6 6D
Gosfield North Diemer, Carson Bronze 6 6D
Malden Jahn, Ezra Bronze 6 6D
Talbot Trail Muganthan, Vaamanan Gold 6 6E
A21 Gaisinsky, Jacob Silver 6 6E
Holy Cross Dunne, Michael Bronze 6 6E
Talbot Trail Kaber, Faaris Gold 6 6F
D M Eagle Jagpal, Satish Silver 6 6F
Harrow Bazala, Xavier Silver 6 6F
Coronation Bazinet, Keegan Gold 6 6G
Talbot Trail Zhang, Hansen Silver 6 6G
St John Vianney Lozon, Riley Bronze 6 6G
St Gabriel Hope, Ryan Gold 6 6H
Tecumseh Vista Mastronardi, Nathan Gold 6 6H
Sandwich West Bhatia, Aadi Bronze 6 6H
Sandwich West Xu, Leo Gold 6 6I
St Gabriel Rousseau, Madelyn Silver 6 6I
Tecumseh Vista Miloyevich, Maksim Silver 6 6I
Mgr Augustin Caron Jasniewicz, Karol Gold 6 6J
Sandwich West Sandhu, Dilraj Silver 6 6J
Tecumseh Vista Papanastassiou, Anna Bronze 6 6J
Ste Cecile Wang, Terry Gold 7 7A
Mgr Augustin Caron Hakim, Andrew Silver 7 7A
Hetherington Chamney, Connor Silver 7 7A
Home schooled Hewitt, Ezra Silver 7 7A
Tecumseh Vista Singh, Johdbir Silver 7 7A
Gosfield North Pritchard, Liam Silver 7 7A
Roseland Daloul, Linda Silver 7 7A
Coronation Groulx, Dayne Gold 7 7B
Home schooled Siimes, Felipe Silver 7 7B
Roseland Korney Chuk, Ivan Silver 7 7B
St Peter Caro, Daniel Gold 7 7C
A21 Blunt, Oliver Gold 7 7C
Eastwood Marietti, Aiden Bronze 7 7C
Colchester Paine, Calvin Bronze 7 7C
Malden Parete, Massimo Bronze 7 7C
St Peter Crispo, John Gold 7 7D
Eastwood Sportelli, Julia Silver 7 7D
Talbot Trail Kalidindi, Vedent Silver 7 7D
First Lutheran Stresman, Ben Gold 7 7E
Centennial Gagnier, Garrett Silver 7 7E
Harrow Long, Wes Silver 7 7E
Talbot Trail Zaid, Daniyal Gold 7 7F
Sacred Heart Juodikis, Kaedan Gold 7 7F
King Edward Williams, Matias Gold 7 7F
Ste Cecile Damarla, Rishi Gold 7 7F
Tecumseh Vista Singh, Amanbir Gold 7 7G
St Gabriel Kriemadis, Emma Silver 7 7G
Herman Mohammed, Alii Bronze 7 7G
Sacred Heart Levesque, Joshua Bronze 7 7G
Talbot Trail Xie, Daniel Gold 8 8A
St John Vianney Renard, Chris Silver 8 8A
Mgr Augustin Caron Ursu, Niko Bronze 8 8A
First Lutheran Asemota, Osa Gold 8 8B
Sandwich West Reed, Michael Silver 8 8B
Tecumseh Vista Tran, Ben Bronze 8 8B
Holy Cross Miceli, Peter Bronze 8 8B
Notre Dame Makarczyk, David Gold 8 8C
Mgr Augustin Caron Haffar, Carl Silver 8 8C
Malden Lederer, Tristan Silver 8 8C
St Ambroise Forshaw, Rose Gold 8 8D
First Lutheran Yim, Ryan Silver 8 8D
St Peter Cafueri, Gianluca Bronze 8 8D
Roseland Haidar, Jawad Bronze 8 8D
Christ the King Marcuzzi, Rino Bronze 8 8D
Ste Cecile Gupta, Pratham Gold 8 8E
Talbot Trail Ajay, Prithvi Silver 8 8E
Malden Sesto, Evan Bronze 8 8E
Centennial Goetrzen, Tyrrell Bronze 8 8E
Talbot Trail Fang, Shengbuo Gold 8 8F
Mgr Augustin Caron Dube, Nicholas Silver 8 8F
Tecumseh Vista Miloyevich, Alexandar Bronze 8 8F
St Ambroise Barrette, Gabe Bronze 8 8F
Queen Elizabeth Mohamad, Mahmoud Bronze 8 8F
Malden Sutts, Morgan Bronze 8 8F
Ste Cecile Li, Jack Gold 8 8G
St Ambroise Pavlakovich, Ben Silver 8 8G
McWilliam Groombridge, Curtis Bronze 8 8G
Sandwich West Butler, Nathaniel Bronze 8 8G
St Gabriel Nguyen, Nick Bronze 8 8G
Talbot Trail Gignac, Quinton Bronze 8 8G
Bellewood Xu, Steven Gold 1 1A
Bellewood Ma, Barry Silver 1 1A
Suzuki Taylor, Hudson Bronze 1 1A
Bellewood Wang, Emily Gold 1 1B
Ste Marguerite D'Youville Bierer, Benjamin Silver 1 1B
Suzuki Maagdlin, Carter Silver 1 1B
Jack Miner Rowland, Matthew Silver 1 1B
Bellewood Wang, Caydon Gold 2 2A
Bellewood Yang, Jude Gold 2 2A
Bellewood Rao, Anirudh Bronze 2 2A
Bellewood Wong, Lucas Gold 2 2B
Bellewood Liu, Terrance Gold 2 2B
Kingsville Stanley, Cole Bronze 2 2B
Suzuki Ceuca, Eric Gold 3 3A
Bellewood Pegg, Alexander Silver 3 3A
Glenwood Gudimella, Veerarghav Silver 3 3A
Maranatha Palanacki, Cameron Gold 3 3B
Bellewood Koostra, Nate Gold 3 3B
Suzuki Joseph, Alex Bronze 3 3B
Ste Therese Jagielski, Konrad Bronze 3 3B
Suzuki Taylor, Aidan Gold 3 3C
Bellewood Zhu, Victoria Gold 3 3C
Ste Therese Lavoie, Julien Bronze 3 3C
Suzuki Alton, Cole Gold 3 3D
West Gate Dhungana, Amod Silver 3 3D
Dougall Hu, Calvin Bronze 3 3D
Bellewood Wei, Harry Gold 4 4A
St Anthony Pottle, Hamish Silver 4 4A
St Louis Nohra, Bella Bronze 4 4A
O.L. of Mount Carmel Corazza, Lucas Bronze 4 4A
Kingsville Miehl-Marentette, Quinn Bronze 4 4A
Giles Yasarlar, Ismail Gold 4 4B
Bellewood Luo, Gordon Silver 4 4B
Dougall Luo, Roger Silver 4 4B
St Pius X Grossi, Nico Gold 4 4C
Southwood Girard, Ryan Silver 4 4C
Jack Miner Rowland, Michael Bronze 4 4C
Bellewood Yuan, Daniel Gold 4 4D
Southwood Yu, Miles Silver 4 4D
St Christopher Francis, Hannah Bronze 4 4D
St Anne Farkas, Ashlee Gold 4 4E
Kingsville Bergen, Owen Gold 4 4E
Gore Hill Demant, Andrew Bronze 4 4E
Suzuki Dawson, Matt Gold 4 4F
Mgr Jean Noel Zhang, William Gold 4 4F
St Louis Carreiro, Cole Bronze 4 4F
Kingsville Barreto, Xavier Bronze 4 4F
Dougall Abuhamda, Eyas Gold 4 4G
St Anne Toma, Marcella Silver 4 4G
Gore Hill Marchand, Dylan Bronze 4 4G
L A Desmarais Ferman, Christen Gold 5 5A
A V Graham Bryans, Nolan Gold 5 5A
Holy Name Spidalieri, Chase Bronze 5 5A
Dougall Jean, Samantha Bronze 5 5A
Mgr Jean Noel Tao, Kaitlyn Gold 5 5B
O.L. of Mount Carmel Vespa, Joey Silver 5 5B
Ste Marguerite D'Youville Pickle, Eliana Bronze 5 5B
Immaculate Conception Eshaya, Elyah Bronze 5 5B
Glenwood Douglas, Lenore Bronze 5 5B
St Anne Morgan, Stefon Bronze 5 5B
Bellewood Zhou, Madison Gold 5 5C
St William Matchett, Andrew Silver 5 5C
Saint-Edmond Hammoud, Razan Bronze 5 5C
St Anthony Pottle, Tristan Gold 5 5D
Gore Hill Enns, Barrett Silver 5 5D
St Joseph Harding, Tyler Silver 5 5D
Southwood Chaganti, Tesko Gold 5 5E
St Pius X Farrand, Matthew Silver 5 5E
A V Graham Zheng, Benson Bronze 5 5E
Saint-Edmond Lariviere, Wenshi Gold 5 5F
Southwood Kumar, Alok Silver 5 5F
Jack Miner Vourakes, Colum Bronze 5 5F
St William Bourdeau, Michael Bronze 5 5F
Maranatha Yang, Samuel Gold 5 5G
Dougall Duong, Eric Silver 5 5G
Southwood Govindarajan, Tarun Bronze 5 5G
Holy Name Latour, Connor Gold 5 5H
Southwood Sharma, Praagney Gold 5 5H
Giles Shi, Sunny Bronze 5 5H
Southwood Xau, Kevin Gold 6 6A
Ste Marguerite D'Youville Campbell, Aiden Silver 6 6A
St Anthony Mulder, Cortez Silver 6 6A
Giles Wilson, Noah Gold 6 6B
St Anthony Sim, Ashton Silver 6 6B
Bellewood Zhang, Kaining Silver 6 6B
Bellewood Yuan, Kevin Gold 6 6C
Mgr Jean Noel Skurvidas, Daniel Silver 6 6C
St Anne Harvey, Colin Bronze 6 6C
Maranatha Wu, Jerry Gold 6 6D
St Pius X Persichill, Alex Silver 6 6D
St Anne Hoang, Anthony Silver 6 6D
St Anne Sampang, Sean Gold 6 6E
Saint-Michel Vince, Grayson Silver 6 6E
Kingsville Ash, Ben Bronze 6 6E
O.L. of Annunciation Ha, Caleb Bronze 6 6E
Al-Hijra Zabian, Ibrahim Bronze 6 6E
O.L. of Mount Carmel Joseph-Benher, Savio Gold 6 6F
St Anne Raymond, Aidan Silver 6 6F
Southwood Raoux, Andrew Silver 6 6F
Bellewood Nguyen, Tristan Gold 6 6G
St Anthony Coughlin, Tommy Silver 6 6G
Kingsville Schooley, Kasey Bronze 6 6G
Southwood Talelli, Giano Gold 6 6H
Giles Singh, Sarbungh Gold 6 6H
St Teresa Goulet, Alijah Bronze 6 6H
A V Graham Chen, Vincent Gold 7 7A
Southwood Look-Kan, Ben Silver 7 7A
Saint-Michel Vince, Drennan Silver 7 7A
Glenwood Chen, Rayton Gold 7 7B
LaSalle Israel, Gaius Silver 7 7B
Marlborough Mohammed, Mohammed Bronze 7 7B
Southwood Uppot, Yash Bronze 7 7B
Giles Zaidan, Rami Gold 7 7C
Ste Marguerite D'Youville Trachy, Joseph Silver 7 7C
Cardinal Carter Truong, Matthew Silver 7 7C
St Anne Farkas, Jezzel Gold 7 7D
Southwood Asim, Ahmad Silver 7 7D
Bellewood Mao, Ellliot Silver 7 7D
Ste Marguerite D'Youville Popescu, Paula Gold 7 7E
Giles Bratic, Stefan Gold 7 7E
Brock Badgley, Alex Bronze 7 7E
Southwood Del Monte, Nick Bronze 7 7E
Glenwood Womack, Tyler Bronze 7 7E
West Gate Sohail, Zain Bronze 7 7E
Glenwood Douglas, Albert Gold 7 7F
Southwood Govindarajan, Sriakiran Gold 7 7F
Giles Triolet, Zack Bronze 7 7F
St Christopher Ouellette, Alex Gold 7 7G
Giles Yasarlar, Emre Silver 7 7G
Ste Marguerite D'Youville Gryn, Joshua Bronze 7 7G
Beaton Cyrenne, Cole Gold 8 8A
L A Desmarais Fallone, Adrianno Silver 8 8A
LaSalle Graziano, Evan Bronze 8 8A
St Joseph Snauwaert, Sawyer Bronze 8 8A
Dougall Ngo, Anwone Gold 8 8B
L A Desmarais Gajawski, Wiktor Gold 8 8B
Glenwood Basu, Chitra Bronze 8 8B
Brock Reid, Dylan Bronze 8 8B
Stella Maris DeThomasis, Kevin Gold 8 8C
Saint-Michel Naher, Yoni Silver 8 8C
St Christopher Mucaki, Nicholas Bronze 8 8C
Southwood Khan, Mowahid Gold 8 8D
Vanier Zagas, Michael Silver 8 8D
Marlborough Deforest, Nathan Bronze 8 8D
Vanier Kepran, Max Gold 8 8E
Southwood Tran, Matthew Silver 8 8E
Corpus Christi Bazinet, Lucien Bronze 8 8E
Stella Maris Way, Corey Gold 8 8F
St Anne Periappuram, Moira Silver 8 8F
LaSalle Qi, Leo Bronze 8 8F
St Anne Pham, Ricky Gold 8 8G
West Gate Chakra, Suzan Gold 8 8G
Bellewood Muthukumar, Nishanth Bronze 8 8G
Suzuki Krishnamohan, Jathushan Gold 8 8H
Bellewood Roy, Cullen Silver 8 8H
Maranatha Herrick, Chesley Bronze 8 8H
St Anne Varghese, Jaden Bronze 8 8H
Giles Zaidan, Melissa Bronze 8 8H