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16 February Registered Players

Registered players as of Feb 16th - the schools on the waiting list are licking their collective lips in anticipation.

Registered players

16 February Deadline Day

Not that I want to cause a stampede, but teachers are reminded that the deadline for submitting student names is 6.00 Friday evening - that's about 8 hours from now.

At 6.00, entries will be cut off, and the unused spaces allocated to the schools on the waiting list.

10 February Snack Bar menu at the Ciociaro

In response to a request for how much money to bring... (2017 prices)
     Pizza by the slice     $3.25
     French fries            2.75
     Potato chips            1.25
     Cans of pop             1.50
     Gatorade                2.50
     Bottled water           1.50
     Chocolate bars          1.50
     Donuts                  1.25
     Coffee                  1.50

2 February Celebrating 20 years!

Has it really been 20 years since the first Chess Challenge? Time passes so quickly when you are having fun.

The 1999 Chess Challenge had 292 elementary players from 20 schools. I think, that the only coach from the first CC who is still active is Mark Kopcok from First Lutheran Christian Academy.

Linda Lauzon came with her school (Ruthven) back in 1999, and after retiring has come every year as a room manager.

I am having fun, right? Mostly.

25 January We're full... probably...

We closed registration early, because we had multiple schools changing day. Also, one school managed to register twice, and another school registered three times! It was *ahem* a challenge sorting it out.

Because we are working from teachers' estimates of the number of players they will bring, we might still have a little space.

All will be revealed after February 16th, when the team sizes will have been settled. If you want to be placed on the waiting list, email kathleen [AT] chesschallenge [DOT] info

11 January Registration update

Well, entries have been pouring in, as usual. Last time I checked, there were 69 schools promising 1289 players. That makes us about 90% full. Tuesday the 27th is stuffed to the gills, with a waiting list, but there is still space on Wednesday the 28th.

Online registration

6 January Online registration open

The Computer Guru survived the New Years celebration, and I'm pleased to tell you the online registration is now open.

Online registration

1 December Ten years of the Top Ten

Teachers might be interested in looking at a table of the Top Ten schools over the last 10 years.

At the first Chess Challenge, in 1999, Harrow P.S. was the most successful school, led by the indomitable Robert Affleck.

After that, Ruthven P.S. and First Lutheran Christian Academy dominated, but about 10 years ago the Bellewood 'youthquake' arrived, and until recently it has been all Bellewood.

Most years, there is very little difference in the points used to calculate the standings. In 2017, for example, there was a Half-Point between first and second.

Ten years of the Top Ten

Chess Challenge 2018 - the plan

Kathleen Westlake has finally retired from Mad Science of Windsor and SchoolHouse Chess, and will be taking major responsibility for the Chess Challenge. Robert Bierer, an Information Technology manager, will be processing registrations, and I (John Coleman) will be looking after the website.

Features for 2018

  • A two day event... Tuesday February 27th or Wednesday February 28th. Choose which day for your school. (Schools entering at the last minute may not have a choice.)
  • The top school will receive an annual trophy, to be held for one year.
  • The top three schools will be awarded pennants.
  • Team T-shirts are optional but recommended.
  • On-line registration is compulsory. You cannot enter by fax or email.
  • You can enter as an individual player only if there is no "official" team from your school.
  • We have a written snowday plan in the (unlikely) case of bad weather.
  • All chess equipment is provided. Please do not bring your own chess sets.
  • The playoffs will be held on a weekend (not during school hours). Playoffs information
  • All games at the playoffs will use a chess clock. The playoffs are to select players for the Ontario Youth Chess Championships, where clocks will be used. We will have about 100 clocks available for the playoffs.
  • Unfortunately, because we have a limited amount of space, we have to limit team sizes:
  • Most schools (up to 600 students): 18 players overall, not more than 8 per grade
    Large schools (over 600 students): 27 players overall, not more than 8 per grade

    My suggestion is that schools with big chess clubs have an in-house tournament to determine who can go to the Chess Challenge.

    Please note the deadline for entry:

    -- 16 February for the player lists. We have to make sure we have enough chess sets (about 400), and get more if necessary. And, yes, we have to rent tables (the Ciociaro Club has mostly round tables - not good for chess, unless you have very long arms).

    Any questions? E-mail us at

    kathleen [AT] chesschallenge [DOT] info