Only days left
till the 2018
Chess Challenge

February 27 and 28, 2018

Did someone just say "2018"??

Help! Call 911!!


   Winners of the BIG trophies at the 2017 playoffs

   Grade 1  
   Luke Yacoub                     Ste Cecile
   Grade 2  
   Aiden Taylor                    Suzuki
   Grade 3  
   Nathan He                       Mgr Jean Noel
   Henry Lalman                    Notre Dame
   Sam Ripley                      Home schooled
   Grade 4  
   Jacob Marcelloni                First Lutheran
   Thomas Pan                      Bellewood
   Madison Zhou                    Bellewood

   Grade 5  
   Savio Joseph Benner             O.L. of Mount Carmel
   Keegan Basinet                  Coronation
   Jerry Wu                        Maranatha
   Sean Sampang                    St Anne   

   Grade 6  
   Emre Yasarlar                   Giles
   Jezzel Farkas                   St Anne

   Grade 7  
   Osa Asemota                     First Lutheran
   Christopher Renard              St John Vianney
   Jathushan Krishnamohan          Suzuki
   Cole Cyrenne                    Beaton

   Grade 8  
   Kevin Cui                       Talbot Trail
   Kevin Zhang                     Glenwood
All trophy winners

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Sometime in April... Playoffs done

The playoffs went well.... Kathleen Westlake on the microphone, Peter Porritt on the computer, and arbiters Gord St. Pierre, Manny Kocela, Jim Demers, Vlad Drkulec, and Dan Passador. I (JC) was the designated coffee drinker; it was a busy day.

So, Chess Challenge done, playoffs done, so that means I'm done. Finished. I have all summer to sit and watch the grass grow. Only days left till the 2018 Chess Challenge...

April 7, early morning Playoffs on Saturday

Hey, it's the playoffs on Saturday. I've been out of town, it's a good thing Kathleen has been working her fingers to the bone. Info here: Playoffs information

March 2, early morning New Champion school

Talbot Trail Public School are the new champions!

  1. Talbot Trail
  2. Bellewood
  3. Southwood
Bellewood has ruled the roost since 2009, with the exception of the 2013 work-to-rule year. But 2009 is eight years ago, and all those 2009 players have moved on to high school and university.

Full Top Ten school standings later, after I've had my coffee.

March 1, late evening Surprise-surprise!

Another great day; the nice thing about being retired is that I get to sit about all day, while everyone else does the work.

The surprise - shock, even - is the change at the top of the TOP TEN school standings. The Computer Guru is checking his numbers, and all will be revealed on the morrow.

28 February, late evening Tuesday done!

I got home about 5.45, had a 2-hour nap, and now I'm ready for more. Semi-ready, anyway.

We had a great day, the scorekeepers from Brennan were great! Medal winners are here: 2017 Medal winners

28 February Just add players

About 370 chess sets, 1452 nametags, 1452 scorecards, and more lists than you can imagine.

"All things are ready if our minds be so!"
Henry V, before the battle of Agincourt.

27 February Efficient, and smiling

Don't you just hate efficient people?

Kathleen dropped everything off at the Ciociaro, a day early, and plans to go out for a night on the town. I am slaving over a hot computer, fending off a zillion variations of "oops, I forgot little Jimmy".

We'll see if Kathleen is still smiling tomorow...

25 February, 8.45 am Hall layouts complete

The Windsor Star was late, and so it was either work or talk to what's-'er-name. It's Saturday - Kathleen, do I get time-and-a-half?

The hall layouts are done, with only minor changes. Take a look here:
Tuesday Ciociaro Club layouts
Wednesday Ciociaro Club layouts

24 February, 11.45 pm All sorted out...

The final number was 1451 players.. they have been divided in sections - 89 sections, if I counted correctly - and you can find the lst for each school here: Registered schools,
with hall and section assignments

I'll have a look at the hall layouts in the morning. Time to veg-out.

24 February Last day for adjusting your list of players

This is the very last day for shuffling and ruffling your list of players. After 5.00 pm, I start dividing the players into groups (called 'sections'), and Kathleen starts printing name tags and score cards.

20 February Lotsa kids

With some of the original estimates a bit high, and adding in the 133 players on the waiting list, we will end up about 1450 players total, I think.

I've made preliminary plans for setting out the sections at the Ciociaro - you can have a sneak-peak at them here: Tuesday and Wednesday.

18 February List of registered players

This is the list of registered players as of February 17th. The 133 players on the waiting list are not included yet.

Registered players

17 February Last day to enter players

The deadline for entering the names of your players is 6.00 pm, Friday 17th.... After then, you will not be allowed to add any players. You can make changes to your list until the 24th, but not add any more players after the 17th.

Online registration

5 February We've got medals

Shiny medals!

29 January Practice tournament

For players who just know they are going to reach the playoffs, there is a practice tournament on Sunday February 5th. (In the afternoon, so it will be finished before the Superbowl starts.)

Results update: There were 40 players in three sections. The A-section was won by Thomas Pan, the B-section was a tie between Jacob Gaisinsky, Sam Ripley, and Terry Wang; I don't know who won the playoff. The C-section was a tie between Caydon Wang and Trianna Tran... once again, I don't know the result of the playoff.

19 January Spaced out...

So, on the 10 day of registration, we hit our theoretical maximum number of players. We have 1415 players, based on teachers' estimates. Tuesday is 102% full, and Wednesday is exactly full.

Please note that registration is closed based on estimates. If you want to be put on the waiting list, please email kathleen [AT] madscienceofwindsor [DOT] com

16 January Space...

At the time of writing, we have 1174 players, and Tuesday is full, at 99.3% of capacity. There is still space on Wednesday.

10 January Online Registration

Online registration is ready for business and will be open starting January 10

Chess Challenge 2017 - the plan

Kathleen Westlake, the General Manager of Mad Science of Windsor and SchoolHouse Chess, will be taking major responsibility for the Chess Challenge. Robert Bierer, an Information Technology manager, will be processing registrations, and I (John Coleman) will be looking after the website.

Chess Challenge 2017 - the bad news...

After many years of the Windsor Chess Challenge registration fee being set at $10, we've finally had to raise the fee ... a whole 62 cents! That's right, the registration fee is now $10.62 plus HST ($12.00 total). In 2016 we included the HST in the entry fee. In 2017, the HST can be partially rebated to your school through the HST Public Services Bodies Rebate. Simply share this information with your school administration to let them know of the HST paid for your students' participation.

Features for 2017

  • A two day event... Tuesday February 28th or Wednesday March 1st. Choose which day for your school. (Schools entering at the last minute may not have a choice.)
  • The top school will receive an annual trophy, to be held for one year.
  • The top three schools will be awarded pennants. Participation pennants are available for purchase by schools or by individuals. Picture and order link
  • Team T-shirts are optional but recommended.
  • On-line registration is compulsory. You cannot enter by fax or email.
  • You can enter as an individual player only if there is no "official" team from your school.
  • We have a written snowday plan in the (unlikely) case of bad weather.
  • All chess equipment is provided. Please do not bring your own chess sets.
  • The playoffs will be held on a weekend (not during school hours). Playoffs information
  • All games at the playoffs will use a chess clock. The playoffs are to select players for the Ontario Youth Chess Championships, where clocks will be used. We will have about 100 clocks available for the playoffs.
  • Unfortunately, because we have a limited amount of space, we have to limit team sizes:
  • Most schools (up to 600 students): 20 players overall, not more than 8 per grade
    Large schools (over 600 students): 30 players overall, not more than 8 per grade

    My suggestion is that schools with big chess clubs have an in-house tournament to determine who can go to the Chess Challenge.

    Please note the deadline for entry:

    -- 17 February for the player lists. We have to make sure we have enough chess sets (about 400), and get more if necessary. And, yes, we have to rent tables (the Ciociaro Club has mostly round tables - not good for chess, unless you have very long arms).

    Any questions? E-mail us at

    kathleen [AT] madscienceofwindsor [DOT] com