(Last year's trophies... would you believe I don't have a picture of 2016 trophies!)

Only days left
till the 2017
Chess Challenge

February 28 and March 1, 2017

Did someone just say "2017"??

Help! Call 911!!

   Winners of the BIG trophies at the 2016 playoffs

   Grade 1  
    Aiden Taylor                   David Suzuki
   Grade 2  
    Sam Ripley                     Home-schooled
   Grade 3  
    Jacob Marcelloni               First Lutheran
    Wen Shi Lariviere              Saint-Edmond

   Grade 4  
    Brett Cook                     Talbot Trail
    Karol Jasniewicz               Mgr Augustin Caron

   Grade 5  
    Rishi Damarla                  Ste Cecile
    Jezzel Farkas                  St Anne
    Terry Wang                     Southwood

   Grade 6  
    Jack Li                        Ste Cecile
    Daniel Xie                     Roseland
    Rose Forshaw                   Saint-Ambroise

   Grade 7  
    Webster Kuo                    Sandwich West
    Aneesha Ekanayake              Talbot Trail
    Shivan Gaur                    Talbot Trail

   Grade 8  
    David Tebbens                  Sandwich West
    Lily Zhou                      Bellewood
    Eric Li                        LaSalle

All trophy winners

(including links to the crosstables with the new ratings)


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30 March 2016 - Acronyms 'R' us

Experienced players negotiate the muddy waters of tournament names with ease, but for newcomers, it's just a bowl of alphabet soup:

OYCC = Ontario Youth Chess Championships

  • What: 5-game weekend chess tournament
  • Where: Kitchener City Hall
  • When: May 14-15
  • Who: strong juniors, mostly from southern Ontario
  • Website: OYCC

CYCC = Canadian Youth Chess Championships
  • What: 7-game 4-day chess tournament
  • Where: Caesars, Windsor
  • When: July 5-8
  • Who: strong juniors, from all across Canada
  • Website: CYCC

CO = Canadian Open
  • What: 9-game 8-day chess tournament
  • Where: Caesars, Windsor
  • When: July 10-17
  • Who: strong players, adults and juniors
  • Website: Canadian Open

NAYCC = North American Youth Chess Championships
  • What: 9-game 4-day chess tournament
  • Where: Caesars, Windsor
  • When: August 7-11
  • Who: strong juniors, from Canada, USA, and Mexico
  • Website: NAYCC

28 March 2016 - Playoffs...

We had a great time at the playoffs. Noisy, crowded, but... that's kid chess. We could have done with a little more space, but the Ciociaro Club was preparing to host 2,000 people for an Easter Brunch the next day.

At the same time, there was a mini-secondary Chess Challenge, which went well. 2016 Medal winners here (scroll way down).

Kathleen Westlake from Mad Science did a great job as master of ceremonies, and Peter Porritt managed the computer pairings well, despite a pairing program that seemed to have indigestion. Rachel Tao helped with the set-up and clean-up. Matt Ripley looked after the grade 1 section.

Many thanks to arbiters Herb Alice, Vlad Drkulec, Gord St. Pierre, and Dan Passador.

Congratulations to all the trophy winners, listed above. Now, it's on to Ontario Youth Championship in April, and the Canadian Youth Championship in July.

Only days left till the 2017 Chess Challenge: February 28th and March 1st.

2 March 2016 - Survived another...

My thanks to all those people who were praying for good weather. I was up half the night preparing for the county buses to be cancelled, and it is very hard to type with your fingers crossed.

Either the crossed fingers or the prayers worked, and we had a great day again.

Full medal results are here 2016 Medal winners. Scroll down for Wednesday results.

A question for the Bellewood Bisons: does it get boring, winning all the time? I ask, because I've never had the experience.

Full list of "Top Ten Schools" tomorrow, I gotta go veg-out in front of the TV.

1 March 2016 - Tuesday a great success...

Tuesday went very well, even the weather cooperated. The Brennan student-volunteers were marvelous. 2016 Medal winners

1 March 2016 - This is it!!

"All things are ready if our minds be so!" (Shakespeare's Henry V)

Of course, it helps if you also have a whole bunch of chess sets and boards and clocks and name tags and scorecards and...

26 February 2016 - Player Hall and Section assignments ready

Yup, I've been working my digital digits to the bone.

Take a look here for

Registered schools, with hall and section assignments

23 February 2016 - Ciociaro Club hall layouts ready

Our procedure is a little different this year. Usually, we close off changes to player lists early, and the section assignments are available a week before the event. This year, teachers can make changes up till Friday 26th, and the section assignments will be available Friday evening.

Because we know more-or-less the number of players in each grade, we have worked out the hall layouts at the Ciociaro Club. Take a look here for Tuesday and Wednesday.

20 February 2016 - player lists are now closed

The list of registered players is HERE in all its glory - missing names, spelling errors, and all. Teachers have until the 26th to correct the names on their list, but cannot add new players.

17 February 2016 - only two days left to list your players

Teachers are reminded that players must be listed by Friday 19th... after then, the lists will be capped and any unused spaces given to schools on the waiting list. online registration

8 February 2016 - we got medals...

Lots of medals... 360, to be precise. Kathleen is wearing out her fingers polishing, even as I write these words.

20 January 2016 - New chess club starting...

There is a new club opening on Sundays and Mondays. Check it out here! The grand opening is on Sunday January 24, 5.00 pm. No word on whether there is free food, but I can hope, can't I?

13 January 2016 - Almost full...

Please be advised there is limit to the number of players we can accommodate. We can squash in about 1440 players, and as you can see from the 'live numbers' at the online registration , we are getting close.

11 January 2016 - Space filling up...

We have 60 schools registered at the moment, with an estimated 1236 players, which means we are about 85% full. There is a good balance between the two days, fortunately. Online registration

Just for participating...

Every player gets one of these patches, which can be sewn onto a bag or jacket. Kathleen from Mad Science, who will be doing all the administrative work this year, says that her daughter has commandeered the curio cabinet in the living room for her swimming patches and race ribbons.

5 January 2016 - About half-full

The online registration was available on the first day back to school (thanks, Computer Guru), and as of this morning 35 schools have registered, with Tuesday a bit more popular than Wednesday.

2 January 2016 - Registration now open

The online registration is now available.

26 November 2015 - advertising in the mail

55 public schools, 37 elementary schools, 6 Independent schools, and 15 French language schools --- the 2016 advertising is in the mail, or the courier as the case may be, and will be delivered next week, with any kind of luck.

A total of 112 advertising packages, all sealed with a kiss. Or something.

Features for 2016

  • A two day event... Tuesday March 1st or Wednesday March 2nd. Choose which day for your school. (Schools entering at the last minute may not have a choice.)
  • The top school will receive an annual trophy, to be held for one year.
  • The top three schools will be awarded pennants. Participation pennants are available for purchase by schools or by individuals. Picture and order link
  • Team T-shirts are optional but recommended.
  • Robert Bierer, an Information Technology manager, will be processing registrations.
  • On-line registration is compulsory. You cannot enter by fax or email.
  • You can enter as an individual player only if there is no "official" team from your school.
  • Kathleen Westlake, the General Manager of Mad Science of Windsor and SchoolHouse Chess, will handling much of the administrative work.
  • We have a written snowday plan in the (unlikely) case of bad weather.
  • All chess equipment is provided. Please do not bring your own chess sets.
  • The playoffs will be held on a weekend after March Break (not during school hours)
  • All games at the playoffs will use a chess clock. The playoffs are to select players for the Ontario Youth Chess Championships, where clocks will be used. We will have about 100 clocks available for the playoffs.
  • Unfortunately, because we have a limited amount of space, we have to limit team sizes:
  • Most schools (up to 600 students): 20 players overall, not more than 8 per grade
    Large schools (over 600 students): 30 players overall, not more than 8 per grade

    My suggestion is that schools with big chess clubs have an in-house tournament to determine who can go to the Chess Challenge.

    Please note the deadline for entry:

    -- 19 February for the player lists. We have to make sure we have enough chess sets (about 400), and get more if necessary. And, yes, we have to rent tables (the Ciociaro Club has mostly round tables - not good for chess, unless you have very long arms).

    Any questions? E-mail us at

    kathleen [AT] madscienceofwindsor [DOT] com