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February 15th... Registration closed

Well, that's a surprise. When registration closed at 5.00 pm. we were over 100 players less than the estimates. The schools on the waiting list will be delirious with joy. Kathleen will be contacting those schools this evening or tomorrow.

Registered players as of February 15th. Please notify Kathleen of any spelling errors. You don't want to be walking around all day wearing a name tag with a spelling error. kathleen [AT] chesschallenge [DOT] info

February 13th... Deadline coming soon...

DEADLINE ... Friday, February 15, 2019 at 5:00 pm. This is when your team size is finalized. You must have a name for every player that you intend to bring. If you have registered for 18 spots and only list 15 names, we will cap your team at 15 and save the excess places for schools on the waiting list (and there are a lot!).

DO NOT MISS THIS DEADLINE! There are 6 schools and over 100 players on the waiting list, eagerly watching to see if there are places unclaimed.

PLAYER NAMES: You MUST use a first and last name for your players. We cannot accept `Player `, `JC`, `Bobby N` or any placeholder names like `Elvis Presley` (yes, someone has used that name in the past). The name you enter will appear on the player list, name badge, scorecard, results, and playoff status. Spelling is important as we match players from year-to-year to distribute previous high-scoring players (seeds) among the sections.

February 8th... Medals for this year

January 31st... Snack Bar menu at the Ciociaro (2019 prices)

     Pizza by the slice     $3.75
     French fries            3.25
     Potato chips            1.75
     Cans of pop             1.75
     Gatorade                3.00
     Bottled water           1.75
     Chocolate bars          2.00
     Donuts                  1.50
     Coffee                  1.75
All good healthy stuff. Bring lotsa money.

January 21st...
This is the patch that will be given to all players this year.

January 17th, 1.00 pm... Well, that was quick. The "main event", at the Ciociaro Club on Tuesday Feb 26 and Wednesday Feb 27, is full... probably. Why only probably? Well, we are going by teachers' estimates of how many players they will bring, and estimates have been known to be wrong.

Teachers, if you haven't yet registered, and still want to play, please email your estimated number of players to kathleen [AT] chesschallenge [DOT] info and then cross your fingers.

We will put you on a waiting list, and as schools firm up their numbers, places may become available. The absolute deadline for the registered schools to firm up their numbers is Friday February 15th at 5:00pm, so a decision for adding more schools will be made after this date.

January 17th, 9.00 am... At 74 schools and 1372 players, we are 95% full. Tuesday is completely full, but there is still a little space on Wednesday.

January 13th... After a full week of the school term, we are at 68 schools and 1263 players. Tuesday is 91% full, and Wednesday is 84% full.

January 7th... First day back to school, and already we are at 48 schools and 895 players. As usual, Tuesday is more popular: 500 players for Tuesday (70% of capacity), and 395 players for Wednesday (55% of capacity).

January 3rd... Online registration is now open... yay, we are early this year!


  • This is a two-day event: Tuesday, February 26 or Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Choose one day for your school, keeping in mind school conflicts like field trips, picture day, and events
  • Coordinate your bus travel with other schools, if necessary, BEFORE booking your playing date
  • The top school will receive an annual trophy, to be held for one year.
  • The top three schools will be awarded pennants.
  • Team T-shirts are optional but recommended.
  • On-line registration is compulsory. You cannot enter by fax or email.
  • You can enter as an individual player only if there is no "official" team from your school (contact Kathleen for authorization).
  • We have a written Snowday plan in the (unlikely) case of bad weather.
  • All chess equipment is provided. Please do not bring your own chess sets.

  • The Playoffs will be held on Sunday, April 7, 2019. You must have played in the Windsor Chess Challenge in 2019 to qualify. Participation is by invitation only.
  • All games at the playoffs will use a chess clock. The playoffs are to select players for the Ontario Youth Chess Championships, where clocks will be used. We will have about 100 clocks available for the playoffs.

  • We have a limited amount of space, and must limit team sizes:
  • Most schools (up to 600 students): 18 players overall, not more than 8 per grade.
  • Large schools (over 600 students): 27 players overall, not more than 8 per grade.
  • Schools with big chess clubs are recommended to have an in-house tournament to determine who can go to the Windsor Chess Challenge.


    School registration is closed when we reach capacity. This usually happens around mid-January, but is not guaranteed. Register early with an estimated number of players to hold your spot (names not necessary at this point).

    Player names must be entered before Friday, February 15, 2019 at 5:00 pm. Any unused spaces on your registration will then be removed.

    We have to make sure we have enough chess sets (about 400), and get more if necessary. And, yes, we have to rent tables (the Ciociaro Club has mostly round tables which aren't good for chess, unless you have very long arms).

    Final player names must be confirmed by Friday, February 22, 2019 at 5:00 pm. Absolutely no changes permitted after this point.

    Section assignments will be made shortly after the deadline, and name badges and scorecards will be printed.

    In the event of a player's true emergency (serious illness, bereavement, etc), we may allow a substitution of a player in the same grade only. Contact Kathleen for authorization before substituting a player.

    Any questions? E-mail us at

    kathleen [AT] chesschallenge [DOT] info